Angry Woman Threatens Disney World Security with Her Bra

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Woman throws bra around at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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An angry woman caused quite a scene at Walt Disney World.

Photo of early morning crowds at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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The Walt Disney World Resort is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” and with so many fun and incredible rides, attractions, shows, treats, and live entertainment options, we have to agree. However, sometimes, the “Disney Magic” can fade, reminding guests that the Disney theme parks are still located in the real world.

Over the last year or so, Inside the Magic has reported on a variety of wild guest interactions and other shocking theme park stories. The vast majority of guests follow the rules and treat other guests with respect, but this is not the case 100% of the time. From stripping inside EPCOT to grand theft auto, even the Walt Disney World Resort is not immune to shocking and sometimes criminal behavior.

A lone Guest walking through Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom as Walt Disney World crowds plummet.
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One of the most unbelievable incidents happened at Fantasyland last year when a large group of guests engaged in a physical attack against each other. Dozens of guests hit, kicked, and punched each other right inside Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland is the go-to place at Magic Kingdom, with the land featuring the largest collection of iconic rides, such as “it’s a small world” and Peter Pan’s Flight. This altercation ruined the experience, not only for themselves but the hundreds of other guests who happened to be in the area during the flight.

Recently, another guest made a scene, this time at the entrance of another theme park at Walt Disney World.

Guests entering Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort
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According to a new report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, an angry woman caused quite the scene when attempting to enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The incident occurred in September of 2023, with the report just now being released. The report states that police were called to the park to manage an “irate park guest.”

The guest was identified as Sabrina Nagel, who was visiting Walt Disney World from Georgia. Nagel had allegedly set off the metal detectors when attempting to enter the park.

Guests will have to go through security at each Disney theme park, and guests with bags must have them searched.

Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Nagel was reportedly angry over how long it took security to go through her belongings inside a bag.

“Sabrina [Nagel] and her family arrived at the security area, she was visibly upset about following instructions and giving security a lot of attitude,” said an officer. Eventually, as Security continued to look through her bags, Nagel pulled out a bra from one of them and waved it in the air, yelling, “Do you want to see my bra?!” The guard responded, saying no one wanted to see that. Nagel then aggressively tried to take the bin containing the rest of her items despite security officers telling her not to. Nagel then allegedly hit a guard in the arm.

No arrests were made, but it is likely Nagel was removed from the park, if not banned entirely.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Credit: Inside The Magic

It’s crucial that guests follow the rules laid out by Walt Disney World, as these rules not only protect guests and cast members but also ensure that the Disney parks remain as magical and family-friendly as possible. Guests who do not abide by these rules may be subject to full-on bans from Walt Disney World. For a full list of everything that may get you kicked out of Disney, click here.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever seen something wild at Walt Disney theme parks?

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