‘Garfield’ Fans Demand Chris Pratt Be Fired, Studio Bring Back Iconic Star

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Chris Pratt squinting his eyes next to CGI Garfield

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Chris Pratt is set to voice Garfield in a new feature film, but fans of the world’s most famous cartoon cat are demanding that the franchise return to its roots.

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The upcoming Garfield movie is set to adapt the Jim Davis cartoon as a CGI family film, and clearly, the studio is trying to repeat the success of the recent Super Mario Bros Movie, which also starred Chris Pratt as the voice of an iconic pop culture character.

The Super Mario Bros Movie grossed over $1.3 billion in theaters and became the biggest movie ever based on a video game, so it is not at all surprising that Sony Pictures feels that the actor might be the secret ingredient it needs for The Garfield Movie.

However, it turns out that Garfield fans are not nearly as enthused about Chris Pratt playing the lasagna-loving cat, and are not afraid to sound off about it on social media. Since the release of a trailer revealing the Guardians of the Galaxy actor voicing Garfield, people have been complaining about his performance and demanding that the studio bring back Bill Murray, who portrayed the character in two live-action/CGI movies in the early 2000s.

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Twitter user @jesse_marsh15 says, “Chris pratt voicing garfield is horrendous. Bill murray was so much better. Theres so many people better than chris pratt. I dont like the father idea. He’s got a perfectly good mom or other sidecast of characters. I also hate how he looks. It’s very odd. I will see it, though.”

Another Twitter user ,@pilary21, chimed in, saying, “They need to stop giving Chris Pratt lead roles cause the new Garfield ain’t it chief. At least try to sound different other then you’re actual voice dude. I miss Bill Murray.”

Still another, @PandaGuy366, says, “garfield movie looks awful wtf, ignoring the fact that garfield does not seem to act like garfield at all, chris pratt is such a bad casting choice for garfield, i hate to say it but bill murray captured garfield far better”

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Before Chris Pratt was cast as the most Monday-hating of felines, legendary actor Bill Murray voiced the character in Garfield: The Movie (2004) and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006), both of which were huge commercial blockbusters and poorly critically received. Allegedly, Murray himself actually made the first movie because he (inaccurately thought that the co-screenwriter Joel Cohen was actually one of the critically beloved Coen Brothers filmmakers, so it’s not likely he’ll be able to be wooed back.

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However, Garfield fans are not backing down that they do not want to see Chris Pratt in the role. The movie will co-star Samuel L Jackson, Harvey Guillen, Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Nicholas Hoult, and Cecily Strong, and is directed by Mark Dindal. It is scheduled to open in theaters on May 24.

Do you want Bill Murray back as Garfield? Give us your Garfield movie opinions in the comments below!

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