Swearing, Body Horror, and Evil Entities Fill Disney+ Show

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Many older fans are likely nostalgic for days when Disney used to legitimately scare us, and it looks like their adaptation of Goosebumps might just do the trick.

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If you were a kid in the ’90s, the biggest name in horror was R.L. Stine. Author of the goofy and gruesome Goosebumps books, his tales of demented dummies, cadaverous cameras, and mutated monsters from under the sink thrilled and chilled a generation of fans. Now Disney wants a turn at giving fans a fright.

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Disney has shown us the dark side many times before, but the idea of them making a legit horror series with everything the genre is known for could have some fans cowering behind the sofa. Then again, Goosebumps might be the perfect way to finally flex that side again.

Goosebumps Gets Gruesome on Disney+

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This isn’t the first time Goosebumps has been adapted for the screen, as the books received an anthology series in the ’90s and then two full-length feature films starring Jack Black years later. However, this might be the darkest the series has gone if the reviews are to be believed.

Gamespot’s take on the show described the new elements in the series with the following,

“Goosebumps doesn’t shy away from some of the weighty themes one might find in other horror-based media. The destructive nature of adultery, harrowing details of a murder, or the shocking implications of a potential suicide aren’t typically featured in Stine’s books. They live here though, mostly as a means of terrorizing the lives of five teens who accidentally stumble onto the remnants of a long-kept secret. Now haunted by a vengeful spirit–an effect of throwing a misguided Halloween party in a recently refurbished house filled with items one shouldn’t touch, let alone take home–they’ll need to work together if they hope to survive the coming days.”

It’s not as if the books had previously strayed away from serious subjects, but they were only alluded to or left to the reader’s imagination. But the idea that Disney would adapt something like this is as bizarre as the many monsters that populate Stine’s series.

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The series is reported to be an adaptation of multiple books rather than an anthology. Say Cheese and Die, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom, and The Haunted Mask have all been adapted to fit a 10-episode formula that stretches across the entire project.

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Disney has had one or two forays into the horror genre before, some of which have been downright terrifying, but the idea that they could serve up this introduction to the genre for young viewers is definitely out of their wheelhouse. Of course, that’s not to say it’s necessarily a wrong move on the studio’s part.

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This writer believes the series has arrived at just the right time. In an era where many believe Disney has become too afraid to take risks and fears audience backlash too much, it’s reassuring to know that the house of mouse still has a little bite.

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