‘Snow White’ Star Rachel Zegler Officially Exits Upcoming Film

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Star of Disney's live-action Snow White remake Rachel Zegler in front of the seven dwarfs.

Credit: Rachel Zegler Instagram

Ariel (Halle Bailey) resting on jellyfish and talking to Sebastian
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In the last decade, Walt Disney Studios has shifted its focus when it comes to creating, developing, and releasing films. Part of this shift can be attributed to the original outbreak of COVID-19, which not only affected Disney’s films but also its theme park division. The Walt Disney Company saw dips in attendance and overall profitability during these uncertain times, and while these tough times have come and gone, there’s no denying that Disney has changed, for better or for worse.

One of the biggest changes for Disney started several years prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, with Disney embarking on a mission to remake all of its most iconic movies in live-action form. This started with films like 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, which starred Johnny Depp, as well as Cinderella (2015), which starred Lily James.

It can be incredibly fun to see how your favorite classic Disney animated film translates into live-action, with some of these movies managing to recapture the magic of the original film.

Walt Disney Logo with Rachel Zegler
Credit: Inside the Magic

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Since these two films, we’ve seen nonstop remakes hit cinemas, ranging from The Jungle Book (2016) to 2023’s The Little Mermaid. While the quality may be debatable, there’s no denying just how lucrative these films are for The Walt Disney Company, each bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. However, there may not be a more controversial live-action remake than Disney’s next upcoming film. However, to fully understand why it’s so controversial, we have to first explain the film’s lead star.

Rachel Zegler is an actress who most likely needs no introduction at this point in time. Despite being only 22 years old, Zegler has made a name for herself, starting in major Hollywood blockbusters such as West Side Story (2021) and Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023). In 2023, Zegler will star in the next installment of the Hunger Games franchise with The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. 

Zegler is set to star as Snow White in th upcoming film, and in leaked on-set photos, Zegler is a dead ringer for the fair-skinned, dark-haired princess.

Rachel Zegler dressed as Snow White
Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

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However impressive her track record is, a large majority of people only know Zegler from her comments regarding Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Zegler has made some truly shocking and inflammatory comments regarding the original Snow White film, sharing her controversial opinions and takes about the film, its characters, and its overall message.

In various interviews and red carpet events, Zegler has stated that the love story is not essential to the new Snow White film and that the prince’s scenes, portrayed by Andrew Burnap, may be cut entirely from the remake. These comments have soured a lot of fans on this new movie, with some actually wishing the upcoming live-action Snow White film bombs at the box office.

Rachel Zegler appears to be quite self-aware, joking that the film might not come out due to what she has said about it. The upcoming Snow White film has also been heavily criticized over the decision to not include dwarfs in the film.

Rachel Zegler's Lucy in the Hunger Games prequel
Credit: Lionsgate

Outside of the Disney bubble, Zegler has been at the center of controversy, but for different reasons entirely. Several films that star Zegler have either been put on hold or dropped by studios entirely. Skydance originally partnered up with Apple to release SPELLBOUND, an animated film set to release in 2024. However, Apple dropped out of the film, with Netflix set to swoop in.

Earlier this year, Inside the Magic reported that Rachel Zegler had dropped out of the upcoming third installment of the Paddington franchise. This series of films starring the loveable bear has grown into one of the most successful family-friendly franchises. Zegler was revealed to be attached to the upcoming film a few months ago but was rumored to have been removed from the project entirely.

This rumor proved true, with multiple sources now confirming that Rachel Zegler was the one to actually drop out of the movie. Zegler reportedly exited the movie before filming started in July of 2023.

Credit: StudioCanal

Paddington in Peru, the third film in the Paddington franchise, is expected to be released in the summer of 2024. The original Paddington film was first released all the way back in 2014 and is still just as popular and relevant today.

Disney’s live-action Snow White releases on March 22, 2024.

Will you be watching Disney’s live-action Snow White? What’s your favorite classic Disney movie?

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