Disney Character Signals Emergency, Faints Inside Costume

in Disneyland Resort

Maui stands motionless during the magic happens parade after the Disney character performer experienced issues with heat.

Credit: @johnnymetro77 via TikTok

Disney Character Performers bring our on-screen favorites to life at Disney Parks. Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort have strict safety guidelines for these entertainment cast members, as heavy costumes and stifling heat are a recipe for disaster if not handled correctly.

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Each Disney Character Performer knows a secret emergency signal, one that their attendant or fellow entertainment cast members know requires immediate response. In one scenario at Disneyland Park this May, Minnie Mouse signaled for help when a woman unexpectedly grabbed her bracelet while she was interacting with a child.

Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse on Main Street, U.S.A. at Hong Kong Disneyland
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

Discreetly handling emergencies while preserving the magic for young guests gets more complicated during Disney parades and other entertainment offerings. At Disneyland Paris this month, Clarabelle Cow pled for help when a brawl broke out just feet away from her in the crowd.

Last week, Maui from Moana (2016) suffered a terrifying emergency while onstage in front of Disneyland Park guests. At the end of the first performance of the Magic Happens Parade, Maui appeared motionless. Witnesses say he was as animated as always just minutes before.

@johnnymetro77 shared a video of the incident on TikTok:


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“I was there last day, first show, right near beginning of the show and he was DEFINITELY moving then,” @joelischwartz commented. “So something had to happen mid-show…”

According to the TikToker, Maui returned to normal during the second performance of the Magic Happens Parade. Though Disney cast members didn’t explain the situation to Disneyland Park guests, some shared insider information in the video’s comments. Apparently, Maui previously signaled an emergency to Disneyland Park management.

dwayne johnson as maui in moana singing you're welcome by lin-manuel miranda
Credit: Disney

“Yes, there is a performer inside,” @joshuaboyd67 said. “And yes, that particular (really hot) day, the performer was having trouble with the heat.”

“When character performers do this, it means they don’t feel well,” @all__thingsdisney agreed. “A similar thing happened to Dumbo during the MSEP a long time ago (like in the 80’s).”

“Performer passed out,” @roxannehennessy echoed.

Mickey in Magic Happens at night
Credit: Disney

It’s unknown if the same Disney Character Performer portrayed Maui in the second Magic Happens Parade or if another Disney cast member took over. The incident occurred on Magic Happens’ final day at Disneyland Park.

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If you witness unusual behavior from a Disney Character Performer, notify the nearest cast member. They may already be aware of any ongoing issues but can help the Character Performer if urgent assistance is necessary.

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