Six Flags Great America Reportedly Scrapping Two Rides

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The Flash at six flags great america

Credit: Six Flags Great America

While celebrating the Halloween season, Six Flags Great America cryptically revealed that it will be completely scrapping two of its rides.

Two Guests in front of a roller coaster at Six Flags Great America
Credit: Six Flags

Great America is easily one of the best Six Flags theme parks in the United States. Boasting 15 roller coasters, including The Flash: Vertical Velocity, Raging Bull, and American Eagle, this amusement park is lovingly referred to as the roller coaster capital of the Midwest. However, epic coasters are not all that Six Flags Great America has to offer.

Great America is also home to a plethora of exciting thrills that don’t follow a track, including Giant Drop and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. And in 2024, the Gurnee, IL, theme park will get one more.

The official announcement image for Sky Striker at Six Flags Great America
Credit: Six Flags

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One of the newest rides coming to Great America is Sky Striker, a giant swing that will be the tallest in the Midwest. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of Dare Devil Dive, a free-swinging thrill ride that drops guests from 15+ stories in the air.

While it is sad that an attraction will be removed, it’s understandable that more room needs to be made for other exciting additions. However, fans may be surprised to learn that Dare Devil Dive won’t be the only ride meeting its end in the near future.

Six Flags Great America is Making Way For New Thrilling Attractions

Guests being terrified by Scare Actors at Six Flags Fright Fest
Credit: Six Flags

One of the highlights for any Six Flags theme park is Fright Fest, the annual Halloween event featuring numerous Scare Zones and houses to terrify guests. This year, some of the decorations at Great America were dedicated to attractions that are no longer with us and some that may be leaving us soon.

In one area of the park, there are two caskets with signs detailing the death of certain rides. One says, “RIP Dare Devil Dive: 1997-2023.” The sign continues with a poem dedicated to the late attraction: “Born in 1997. Should go to heaven. But the devil knows too well that, rather, its destiny is hell.”

Coffins for potentially dead rides at Six Flags Great America
Credit: Screamscape News via Instagram

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This is in reference to the former Dare Devil Dive attraction being removed for the upcoming Sky Striker. However, the second casket is even more interesting, sporting two dates instead of one: “2004-____” and “2018-____.” The following poem reads, “All good things must come to an end. All that so we can make new friends…”

Naturally, this has prompted many questions from guests. What rides are being taken away? What will Six Flags fans be getting instead? Fortunately, through context clues, it’s pretty simple to figure out what rides will face death next.

What Rides Are on the Chopping Block?

Mardi Gras Hangover at Six Flags Great America
Credit: Six Flags

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It is clear that Six Flags Great America is planning on removing two thrill rides from the theme park. But which attractions are on the chopping block? The good news is that Great America has provided some hints regarding which rides they will be.

Based on the yet-to-be-buried coffins, the two rides about to be scrapped were brought to the park in 2004 and 2018, respectively, so we can narrow the options to a few attractions. Since only one attraction came to Great America in 2018, it’s safe to assume that Mardi Gras Hangover, the world’s largest Larson Loop attraction, will, unfortunately, be meeting its end soon.

Revolution at Six Flags Great America
Credit: Six Flags

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The 2004 ride is a bit more difficult since two rides were brought to the amusement park in 2004, and they’re both decent candidates for the chopping block. The first is Revolution, a swinging pendulum that is incredibly similar to the upcoming Sky Striker. The second is Big Easy Balloons, a twirling balloon ride located right next to Mardi Gras Hangover. Since they’re neighbors, it would make sense that both attractions will meet their end.

While Six Flags has confirmed none of this, it’s still sad to know that longtime attractions will be demolished. It’s also fun to anticipate what exciting new experiences will be coming down the pipeline for Great America.

Which rides do you think will be leaving Six Flags Great America? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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