Disney Park Land Renovated Overnight, Guests in Shock

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Frontierland at Disneyland Park now empty of benches often used for pin trading.

Credit: Reddit user u/sandeybeech78

After months of complaints about pin trading ruining the guest experience, Disneyland Resort took action against the guests involved.

Already limited seating at Disneyland Park is now even harder to come by. Guests long complained about pin traders setting up shop on the benches all day, sometimes “scamming” young children by encouraging them to buy new Disney pins to trade with them instead of cast members. But fans say Disneyland Resort’s solution to the Disney pin “flea market” is only causing more problems.

Cast Member displaying lanyard of pins for children who also of lanyards with pins on them
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort guest and Reddit user u/sandeybeech78 shared this photo from Disneyland Park on Sunday, writing that all Frontierland benches disappeared overnight:

No more pin trader benches!

No more pin trader benches!
byu/sandeybeech78 inDisneyland


Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney still sell collectible trading pins. Trading with Disney cast members or guests is still encouraged, but the days of pin trading taking over benches in Froniterland at Disneyland Park are gone.

“Should have banned them from setting up shop and taking over all the benches,” u/NotaDeadTurtle replied. “The entire complaint is that there is nowhere to sit when they do that. Taking away the benches removes the traders but the main problem isn’t solved!! There is no where to SIT!!”

“They fixed the problem with another problem,” u/TheIJDguy agreed. “Truly amazing logic on Disney’s part.”

Two Disney Cast Members holding a pin trading board.
Credit: Disney

Others pointed out that removing the benches wouldn’t stop pin traders. Instead, they argued, they’ll move to benches in another area of Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

“The traders are just going to take over another area now,” u/IDrinkurmilksteak wrote. “They aren’t going to shrug their shoulders and go away.”

“It’s ok Disney will just remove all the benches in the park,” u/DayOlderBread16 joked. “After all the pin traders can’t take over other benches if there are 0 benches left in the park, 1,000 iq idea. How does Iger do it!”

A row of Nevarro mystery pin sets at Walt Disney World
Credit: Inside the Magic

Multiple guests confirmed that pin trading already found its new home at Disneyland Park.

“That’s exactly what I saw today,” u/daizzyz said. “They were still there just different benches. They were closer to Golden Horseshoe when I saw them.”

“Can confirm, also saw them outside the mercantile and Golden Horseshoe,” u/GrogusAdoptedMom replied.

Some Disney Parks fans offered different solutions to the pin trader problem.

A picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse's Partners statue in the foreground at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort. Photo by Ed Aguila
Credit: Inside the Magic

“Disney should just dedicate an area in Downtown Disney to pin trading and be done with the bullsh*t,” u/Stolzieren wrote. “Traders that don’t adhere to the rules suffer the consequences. Easy as that.”

“What I don’t understand is why they don’t have a covered small Pavillion with just narrow bar style tables so pin traders can actively trade,” said u/levelzero2019. “They are keeping the values of pins high and they increase purchasing. Many times I have stood in line to get a seasonal or special release pin just so I can trade for something really really cool from the super traders. It’s a win win situation.”

Disneyland Resort didn’t comment publicly on the Frontierland bench removal, and it’s unknown if the change is permanent or a temporary refurbishment. Inside the Magic will report any updates to this developing story.

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