Old Animatronic Falls Apart in Front of Guests at Disney World

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A photo of the crowd at Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World next to a photo of a malfunction during the show.

Credit: ITM (Left), @anywayitsamy (Right)

An animatronic at the Walt Disney World resort fell apart right in front of dozens of guests.

Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Disney World Orlando
Credit: Disney World

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Few attractions are as iconic or as legendary as Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. This classic show has entertained millions of guests over the last few decades, becoming a beloved classic among die-hard Disney theme park fans. While it certainly is not the most exciting or thrilling attraction at Walt Disney World, let alone Magic Kingdom, there’s no denying how important this experience is to the original vision for the Disney theme parks and Walt Disney’s idea of the future in general. It doesn’t help that the attraction is located in Tomorrowland, a section of the park known for its thrilling rides like Space Mountain and the new TRON Lightcycle / Run.

In a similar fashion to Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, this rotating carousel takes guests through several time periods, showing how technology has advanced along the way. Guests will essentially become part of a loving family who shares what their life is like through various decades, starting from the turn of the century.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Kelly Verdeck, Flickr

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The attraction offers a fun and almost interactive way for guests to explore what life was like in the last hundred years of American history. The attraction also harkens back to old-school Disney attractions, featuring tons of animatronics and moving parts. While we’ve seen this show dozens of times, we still make time in our day at Magic Kingdom to experience this incredible show.

Unfortunately, the attraction is quite old, first opening to guests in 1975. This means that, along with some extensive changes to the actual scenes of the show, certain elements no longer work or malfunction from time to time. It’s fairly common to see animatronic encounter errors while watching Carousel of Progress. However, it’s not that common to see an entire body part fall off mid-show.

Credit: Disney

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One guest shared a video on TikTok which has now gone viral within the Disney theme park community. This video shows the last scene of the attraction, where the entire family is sitting around the Christmas tree. All seems well until Grandpa loses his hand, with the animatronic’s actual hand falling to the ground.

You can check out the full video below:


carousel of progress grandpa’s hand fell off whoopsies. we were evacuated because of it. #disneyworld #wdw #distok #disney #waltdosneyworld #carouselofprogress

♬ original sound – ʎɯɐ

According to @anywayitsamy, the attraction was evacuated as a result of this malfunction. While we’ve been on rides and attractions encountering delays, stoppages, and other issues, we can certainly say we’ve never had this happen to us, have you?

This is not the only carousel guests can find at Magic Kingdom, with Prince Charming Regal Carrousel offering guests a more standard experience. This attraction can be found at the center of Fantasyland, one of the several lands that make up Magic Kingdom. The others include Adventureland, Frontierland, the already-mentioned Tomorrowland, and Liberty Square.

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