Loyal Magic Key Holders Give Up on Disneyland

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A Magic Key exclusive confetti shot in front of Disneyland Park's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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Numerous Magic Key Pass holders are done with Disneyland Resort following multiple changes like Park Pass reservations, Disney Genie+, Park Hopping rules, and price increases.

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Magic Key Passes offer year-round admission to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park with varying blackout dates. Annual Passes are currently only available for renewal but could pop up for sale anytime. They include the Inspire Key ($1,649), Believe Key ($1,249), Enchant Key ($849), and Imagine Key ($499, for Southern California residents only).

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As thousands of Disneyland Resort fans pine to purchase Magic Key passes, many Annual Passholders are reaching their limits with upcharges and changing guidelines. Magic Key holders shared their complaints on Reddit this week.

“I’m an AP and completely over it,” u/dragonsback79 began. “The constant idea of ‘charge them more and give them less’ runs rampant at the park and I am tired of being a victim to it. The rides are not maintained and thus break down multiple times a day. But the worst of it all?? Genie + Pay to cut the line. Ruined the magic for me. Can’t wait for our passes to expire. And not give the mouse that price hike in passes or any more of my money.”

Disney California Adventure beore a storm hits
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“We are AP’s too but won’t be renewing,” u/SpaceXMonkeys replied. “Our last trip to the park was this past Sunday. Parking fees and Genie + increased prices with the latter increasing 3 time since its inception?? …Plus the sheer amount of ride closures yesterday was insane. We were given a MEP after Astro Blasters closed but then could not use it for Space but just a select amount of rides many of which were not even LL? Bro what??”

“When we first got our AP’s I was so excited and we’d spend 12+ hours at the park,” they continued. “This last trip we made it to about 6 or 7 and left. Probably will take a good break from Disney before we head back im personally just not seeing the value much anymore.”

Wondrous Journeys fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
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“I had a consistent AP for 20 years up until the shutdown, and when I saw the crap offerings of the Keys in comparison to the old APs, it was a dealbreaker for me,” u/just_flying_bi agreed. “…The greed is killing it. These days, it reminds me of the few years just prior to the 50th Anniversary when things were going to crap. It’s extremely sad.”

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