Disney Announces Major Changes Coming to Genie+

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The icon for the Disney World paid service, Genie+ inside of Magic Kingdom Park.

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Walt Disney World announced significant changes to the Genie+ system later this month, affecting each Park differently. Here’s what we know about these Genie changes coming soon to more than one Disney Park.

Breaking: Disney Announces Major Change Coming to Genie+
Credit: Inside The Magic

Disney Announces Massive Change Coming to Genie+

Announced just moments ago, Disney World is bringing massive changes to its Genie+ system, a paid system for Guests to get to attractions sooner by paying a specific price per ride.

Beginning June 27, Walt Disney World will introduce Park-specific Genie+. Here’s how it will work. Guests looking to buy Genie+ while visiting WDW will soon be able to select either a single-park or multiple-Park option. The multiple-Park option will work the same as the current system in place for Genie+ with a valid Park Hopper ticket. The prices will vary by date and by which Park you enter and choose to utilize the system. The Disney experience will differ from one attraction to attraction, depending on your Genie reservation.

Above, you can see an example of what the pricing will look like once the changes are implemented into the paid system. With the update next week on June 27, prices will be lower at some Parks than others. As a quick example of what you can expect to happen, here are some mock prices:

  • Multiple Parks: $27/person
  • Magic Kingdom: $27/person
  • Hollywood Studios: $24/person
  • EPCOT: $18/person
  • Animal Kingdom: $16/person
Breaking: Disney Announces Major Change Coming to Genie+
Credit: Inside The Magic

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The changes coming to Genie+ will only impact Walt Disney World Resort. According to Disney officials, the change occurred after Disney heard from Guests that they would like ways to plan with Disney Genie+ before their day starts at WDW. According to Disney, those changes are still coming to Disney World but will happen later in 2024.

An update has been posted on the official Genie website page with a notice about the changes coming June 27.

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An Important Note to Remember and Keep In Mind for the Genie+ Changes

“Multiple Parks” will remain the same as the current Genie Plus product, meaning if you have a Park Hopper and plan to go from one Park to another, the same rules will apply – you will not bypass current Park Hopper Genie+ rules. You will still have to wait until after 2 p.m. to book Genie Plus for your second Park of the day.

Once again, the change will only be coming to WDW, not Disney California Adventure or any other Disneyland Resort Park worldwide. Your lightning lane reservation will not be affected during your Disney vacation as a Guest of Disney World in Orlando.

You can be sure to ride your favorite attractions even faster. Attractions like Space Mountain, Slinky Dog Dash, Cosmic Rewind, Remys Ratatouille Adventure, and many more. Follow Inside The Magic for more related articles about Disney Vacation Club, your next visit as a Walt Disney World Guest, Disney Genie Plus, Disney Cruise Line, or any other theme Park – like Universal Orlando.

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