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A Magic Key exclusive confetti shot in front of Disneyland Park's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Credit: @DisneyPhotoPass /@delightfullyjackie


  1. lovesdisney

    I am a key holder and was an annual pass holder for almost 30 years.We don’t live in California and have spent years traveling to the parks.I have witnessed many changes too.The rides breaking down more frequently is not because Disney has no regard, its due to the wait times getting parts needed they are struggling to receive just like all of us.The cutting of portion sizes and raising prices with foods and drinks are just to offset the lack of working with the same ingredients and being over charged as well for what they can get(again just like the rest of us).I agree the Genie system is not working for the average crowd and believe the Fast Pass would be more money to the parks if reinstated as it would bring loyal’s back and bring in more money as the day went on.The Fast Pass was also a respected and well run program.I believe Disney is doing the best they can to please the crowds after all they need us to visit.I also agree the Cast Members need to be watched in action from afar and held to keep a level of magic while there, also the guests need to use that same system of decency with the Cast Members as after all many little children are entitled to a magical day while there and witness all of our behavior.

  2. Ty

    Food portions are smaller, CMs are disappointing and when asked a question or engaged with one the experience is less than “magical” and hasn’t been for many years now. There seems to be less and less pride in maintaining the park when it comes to cleanliness as well. Bad guests need to thrown out and banned immediately and indefinitely. Bottom line, the overall cost doesn’t equate to the experience.

    1. lovesdisney

      I agree with the decline in park cleanliness its disturbing to see it this way after so many years of immaculate upkeep.Ty has made all valid points and I totally agree on the banning of bad guests.

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