Large Piece Breaks off Disney Ride Causing Panic & Commotion

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A large gray robot towers above the trees next to Star Tours.

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A piece of Star Tours – The Adventures Continue broke, impacting one Disneyland Resort guest’s experience on the ride. But it was a Disney cast member’s response that left a painful mark on their vacation.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Star Tours is the original Star Wars and Disney Parks collaboration. Walt Disney Imagineering worked with Lucasfilm to create versions of the ride in Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort, Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort, Tokyo Disneyland at Tokyo Disney Resort, and Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris Resort.

“Make the jump to hyperspace aboard a 3D space flight to legendary destinations from the Star Wars saga,” Disneyland Resort writes. “When your Starspeeder accidentally starts up without a pilot, tour guide C-3PO takes the controls. At launch, you’ll barely escape a showdown with the menacing Kylo Ren—or you’ll race through a Stormtrooper checkpoint, with Rey leading the way in the Millennium Falcon.”

Two animatronic droids on Star Tours.
Credit: Disney

“With the First Order in pursuit, you’ll embark on a thrilling, unpredictable flight that rockets you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Speed to the ocean moon Kef Bir. Receive an urgent transmission from Lando Calrissian. Then hold on tight as your ship hurtles through a climactic interstellar battle. Come celebrate Star WarsThe Rise of Skywalker in a new Star Tours experience, where you’ll encounter iconic characters and visit distant worlds immortalized by the saga.”

“On January 9, 1987, George Lucas and Walt Disney Imagineering brought the Star Wars galaxy to life at Disneyland Park. The original Star Tours attraction blasted off to Endor. Other destinations—plus digital 3D technology—were added in 2011. The experience has been updated with new worlds and characters from Star Wars: The Force AwakensStar Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The attraction now features state-of-the-art technology—including a flight simulator, digital 3D video, Audio-Animatronics characters and ‘in-cockpit’ special effects and music.”

Ride Breaks & Guest Cries

Guests ride a digital rendering of the outside of the Star Wars ride vehicle.
Credit: Disney

Reddit user u/TacoPorVida recently recalled a Disney cast member yelling at their family after a piece of a seat broke on Star Tours – The Adventure Continues at Disneyland Park.

“As we made our way to row 5, we sat on the first two seats,” the guest wrote. “There was a foam piece on the seat next to me. The cast member yelled at me and asked me why I moved it and told me I shouldn’t have touched it. She also was incredibly rude about it and rolled her eyes at me. I was trying to explain that I didn’t touch anything, I had just sat down.”

But the Disney cast member didn’t listen.

Rex the robot on Star Tours.
Credit: Disney Parks

“The cast member then told us all in row 5 to stand up and move over,” the guest continued. “The broken seat wasn’t even the one I was sitting in, it was the seat next to me.”

Another Disney cast member noticed the heated altercation and stepped in.

“Another cast member came by and checked and apologized for the misunderstanding,” the guest said. “The cast member who yelled at me just stood there fuming. I was mortified and embarrassed. To be talked to in that manner in front of a group of people and my own son. It was mean and unnecessary.”

Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park
Credit: Aubrey Odom/Unsplash

Still, the experience tarnished the guest’s view of Disneyland Resort.

“It ruined my whole night,” they concluded. “I really took it to heart. I think this really soured my experience there. My son cried and was so upset because he saw how upset I was. It was our very first Disney visit and we had saved for an entire year to go there. I still get teary eyed when I think about it. I work in hospitality and I have never treated a guest in that manner before.”

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