Family Causes Chaos While Refusing to Get Off Disneyland Ride

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Guests ride Dumbo at Hong Kong Disneyland

Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

A family caused quite a scene after refusing to leave a popular Disneyland attraction.

Space Mountain at sunset at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

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Disney is a place of magic, but it’s also a place of chaos. With millions upon millions of guests spouting into the theme parks every year, it’s expected that there are a few problems. The most common issue guests will face, aside from the long wait times, is line cutting. Now, this is not a problem exclusive to Disney, with Universal Studios, Six Flags, and SeaWorld all suffering from this unfortunate activity.

Guests will also encounter some not-so-magical behavior at Disney, with the last year proving to be quite “eventful” for all resorts across the world. We’ve seen theft, property damage, and even physical altercations break out. We’ve also seen some more lewd acts, such as guests stripping and flashing others while inside the actual theme parks.

The exterior of "it's a small world" at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

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Over the last few decades, Walt Disney Imagineers have consistently raised the bar when it comes to providing and creating thrilling and immersive entertainment experiences. From Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, to Disneyland Paris in Chessy, France, each and every Disney theme park and resort location offers some truly breathtaking experiences for guests to enjoy and get lost in. Recently, Disney really stepped its game up, bringing exciting expansions to its theme parks like Pandora – The World of Avatar, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Toy Story Land.

All three of these lands can be found at Walt Disney World, with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge also being found at the original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

However, no matter how hard Disney Imagineering tries, the final product is only as good as the guests who experience it. Your perfect day at Disney could end up going south depending on what other guests do, and recently, dozens of guests’ day at Disneyland was affected.

A family riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant at the Magic Kingdom.
Credit: Disney

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There may not be a more iconic ride at Disney than Dumbo The Flying Elephant. This attraction is fun for the whole family and allows guests to take matters into their own hands, literally as they control the elevation of their own ride vehicles. The ride has been a staple of the Disney parks for decades, slowly turning into one of the most recognizable theme park rides in the world.

While it may not be all that exciting, this attraction is one of the most iconic and influential rides that Walt Disney Imagineering has ever reproduced. Unfortunately, all of this magic was quickly erased after an incident involving Disneyland security was reported. The guest stated that a family refused to leave the area, which held up the ride for others.

A guest recently claimed that this ride was severely delayed due to a security incident. “Does anyone know what happen? Seems like a family refused to leave the area, and the other passengers that were waiting started yelling at them.”

Dumbo Disneyland
Credit: Disneyland

This post was shared on Reddit, which reached hundreds of guests.

“I saw it too and security was talking to them for a while,” stated on user. “But who ruins their trip over Dumbo? You bet your sweet bippy I’d get kicked out over Toad though.” While we can’t say for sure what happened, it’s always unfortunate when the actions of one guest affect dozens of other guests. Time is as valuable as money inside the Disney parks, and losing any amount of that precious resource can be a major bummer.

We always encourage guests to act in a way that maintains the magical atmosphere found at the Disney parks. If guests ever need assistance, they can always feel free to contact the incredible cast members working at the parks.

Guests aboard the Magic Kingdom Ferryboat
Credit: D23

It’s super important that guests listen to cast members at Disney and follow the rules. Guests who do not abide by the rules and regulations inside the Disney theme parks may be asked to leave or may receive a full-on ban from the resort.

Have you ever experienced something like this at Disneyland?

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