“Disney is Officially Dead!” Animator Calls ‘Wish’ “Unfinished”

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Asha (Ariana Debose) with her friends in shock.

Credit: Disney

Disney’s upcoming Wish (2023) has been billed as a return to tradition, a hybrid of animation styles, and the answer to the prayers of millions of fans, but can the studio really deliver on what it promises?

Asha and her goat in Wish
Credit: Disney

Ever since it was announced that Walt Disney Animation would be returning to the traditional formula of animated features, fans have been over the moon for Wish. For lack of a better expression, it seems like this familiar Disney fairytale is indeed a wish come true.

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The trailers for the upcoming project definitely show there is a lot to be excited about, as the Walt Disney Company seems to be listening to its audience and giving them precisely what they want. It’s a familiar princess story with an over-the-top villain and a gorgeous fantasy design, but that might not be entirely true.

Wish Will Cure or Kill Disney

King Magnifico's Eyes
Credit: Disney

The premiere of Disney’s latest animated film is a little over a month away, but while there is definitely some hype behind the movie, some Disney buffs find it leaves much to be desired. It’s not even in theaters yet, and already people are calling Asha a carbon copy of Rapunzel or another “adorkable” princess.

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That being said, it might be the case that Disney has bigger problems than a repetitive royal on their hands. One animator pointed something out that, upon second glance, can’t be ignored.

The footage above is the most recent trailer for Disney’s Wish, and it looks pretty much what anyone would expect from a traditional Disney movie, except for two things. One, the use of cell-shaded animated characters on a water-colored background; and two, the strange way the hybrid animation makes the characters move.

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Although it’s easy to consider this a stylistic choice made by Disney animation, some aficionados are calling this out to be a sign of an unfinished movie. If the animation hasn’t gone through the final process of making it smooth and silky, something must be wrong.


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@itchybelle is a TikTok creator and animator who has been very vocal and very critical about Disney and Pixar, and her points (while a bit blunt) are certainly very valid. Well it does feel like the movie is checking a lot of boxes for Disney fans, it does feel like it only goes part of the way at times.

It can be so easy to chalk this up as another critical dig at Disney, as many as there are. However, the studio has been in the hot seat of controversy since 2018, now isn’t the time to be denying their fanbase.

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Whether Wish will be the triumph many are predicting or just another step on Disney’s downfall remains to be seen, but there’s still time between now and Thanksgiving. With a little luck and some classic Disney magic, this movie might be the catalyst to save the studio and it’s century-old reputation.

Will Wish be everything you ever dreamed? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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