Disney’s ‘Robin Hood’ Gets “Extremely Woke Remake”

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Robin Hood Original and Remake

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Nearly all of Disney’s live-action remakes have come with a certain stigma. Even well-received films like Jon Favreau’s remake of The Jungle Book had some rolling their eyes. But as the films take a more progressive approach, more and more fans start to collectively groan.

Zegler and animated Snow White
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The most grievous offender on the list seems to be the reviled Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler, but it might have some competition if Global TV and Stack TV move forward with their plans.

Robin Hood Goes Woke

Robyn Hood in a fox mask
Credit: Global TV

When most people hear the name “Robin Hood,” there’s a good chance they picture Disney’s famous foxy variant from the animated film. Although there have been dozens of adaptations, they more or less follow the same formula. Steal from the rich, give to the needy, unleash a slew of arrows, and roll the credits.

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However, like so many stories in the public domain, Robin Hood and his adventures in Sherwood Forest have received multiple modern adaptations as well. While this has worked in some scenarios, the upcoming 2023 series sounds unreal.

Robyn Hood is a modern, gender-swapped version of the original legend. Jessye  Romeo heads the series as the titular heroine, a sharp-shooting vigilante who leads the Hood, described as “a masked hip-hop group that makes viral videos online.”


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@thejohnnymann on TikTok goes into detail regarding the show, and he’s just one of many creators who tear it to shreds. The question remains, how is this connected to the Disney classic?

Robyn Hood Masked Vigilantes
Credit: Bit Chute

At first glance, the use of stylized animal masks might be just a Disney-inspired easter egg, but the fact that “Robin Hood” is still a fox in a green costume, Little John (presumably the one with the staff) is still a bear, and the rabbit-mask character could be a Skippy tie-in as well is undeniably a jab in Disney’s direction.

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We’ve seen Robin Hood as a fox, an action hero, a tech-savvy thief, and even a singing and dancing Cary Elwes, but this version is perhaps the most bizarre. While this is not a Disney-made production, it’s certainly safe to assume that many will mistake it for yet another “woke” remake from the House of Mouse.

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The show is set to premiere September 27, 2023, but if the reception on social media is anything to be believed, it won’t last very long. While the modern approach is certainly unique, the over-reliance on modern tropes and imagery already gives this version an uphill battle to climb.

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