Disney Remake Cancels Century-Old Love Story

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Snow White face down in the woods

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From Snow White to Frozen, Disney has been responsible for creating and adapting some of the most enchanting fairytales ever put to screen. While many of their stories are hundreds of years old, the studio’s adaptations are likely the prime example in the mind of the public consciousness.

Dwarfs marching in 'Snow White'
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Reimagining these classic tales has also done wonders for Disney. However, the recent controversy surrounding the upcoming adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has sparked a decidedly volatile reception, especially since the studio has officially abandoned its first and original love story.

No Love for Snow White

Snow White and Rachel Zegler
Credit: Inside the Magic

Recent coverage of the film’s progress revealed that Disney is officially stepping away from the traditional fairytale elements that make up Snow White’s narrative. Rachel Zegler plays the title role, and her recent quote on the matter has more than a few Disney fans up in arms.

“It’s no longer 1937… She’s not going to be saved by the prince, and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love. She’s dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.”

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That means no dwarves, prince, or spell broken by love’s first kiss. Although Disney has several strong leading women in many of its other productions, Snow White really isn’t the appropriate story to take that approach, and fans recognize that.

Snow White's true love's kiss
Credit: Disney

Some viewers, like the creator seen here, are absolutely outraged that Disney would remove the romance and love story element from their original fairytale. While it’s true we no longer live in 1937, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a desire or an audience for a traditional romanticized tale about princesses and magical creatures without some sort of shoe-horned message behind it.

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To put it bluntly, Disney should make a fantasy-themed female-empowerment film, but not at the expense of another established work. At this point, “Snow White” is just a namesake, as any charm or enchantment associated with the story has gone entirely out the window.

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