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Snow White face down in the woods

Credit: Disney


  1. Caveman

    Disney, like so many other media and entertainment companies has decided that political and social messaging is the real purpose behind their enterprises. No longer is pure entertainment their goal; without commentary on the current socio-political climate they feel as though they are not fulfilling their obligation to the viewers. Sadly we have more than enough commentators of current trends and events. Like the movies of the depression, it would be nice to see some purely escapist entertainment that isn’t a constant reminder of the divisions in our country. I guess movie goers will be the final arbiters, but I certainly won’t be taking my grandchildren to see this movie

    1. Elizabeth

      Disney has become trash

    2. Marc

      Well said and I agree.

    3. Yolanda

      I agree 👍💯. Be careful Disney stay in your lane. Stick to the old holesom Disney as we used to know.

  2. Coo Coo Bird

    She’s hot

    1. Scott

      Cant wait until Bob Iger has to sell the whole company to Elon Musk!

  3. Rick hishmeh

    Disney. Continue. On your. Woke. Agenda. Hope. You go. Bankrupt. With your. Flops.

    1. Johnny Trivette

      Amen Disney digging there on grave with this new crap there turning out ….

      1. Barbara Farrell

        Why? They redid it?

    2. Walt has to be rolling in his grave over all this crap

  4. Pamela Kaskela

    This is just wrong!!!

  5. Sue

    Disney has lose there mind and there so call catering to people who feel they are entitled and it might hurt there feeling. I wish Disney would just go bankrupt

    1. Elizabeth

      Well said

    2. Barbara Farrell

      I know its all about the money!

  6. Greg

    Like most of you, I am a huge Disney fan. But increasingly over the past several years Disney has become less magical for me with their insistence of making political statements.

    I agree with the author, why can’t Disney create new stories instead of ‘reimagining’ classics. If the new stories are any good they will hold up on their own.

    Disney is at its best when it tells stories that are there to entertain rather than to score political points but unfortunately they seem to be doing a lot less of the former and a lot more of the latter over the past several years.

    1. Barbara Farrell

      Dumbo, was my favorite! Liberals today would try to ban it because of the chain gang scene.

  7. Winter

    Add this to another one I won’t see. There’s nothing wrong with the prince saving the princess. Those are the fairytales I grew up with. I agree, you want a female empowered character make a new movie and leave the classics as they are.

    1. RickTR

      They did
      . She’s called Rey the best ever.

    2. Barbara Farrell

      Yes, please do, how else would they make it?

  8. Nah

    I could handle the no dwarves and all the other changes but I love the Disney movies for the love stories. I have zero interest in seeing it after learning that.

    1. Elizabeth

      Exactly, I myself am not super crazy about the original Snow White. It was never one of my favorites. I’m more into Cinderella however, I respect the story. I enjoyed the story and Snow White and the seven doors is not Snow White with a Latina actress and the absence of dwarves. It is an entirely different story altogether. Not to mention there is no Prince because they want her to be a powerful woman who doesn’t need a prince. Excuse me, every woman does crave love

  9. GGm

    So glad Disney is failing by going woke. It couldn’t have happened to a better company! I can’t wait for Heartland park to open. Over 20 former Disney imagineers are involved with this project.

  10. Kyle

    It’s not 1937 anymore… if you can’t appreciate a beloved story for what it is, perhaps you shouldn’t sign up to make millions off the backs of 1937 storytellers, artists and imagineers. Why the most world’s most dysfunctional people (Hollywood) get to make the rules boggles my mind.

  11. Rox

    Bud Light, Target and Ben & Jerry have been reminded that being “inclusive” but excluding your core customer is not good business. Disney seems to be getting the message more slowly.

  12. Jon Taylor

    What the heck!!!!! Disney is so far out of touch….. With anything of any value. I admit to being an old fogey, but when I was a child, or when my kids were young, we could count on Disney to provide excellent entertainment for anyone of any age. Fun, poignant, heartwarming or heartbreaking we could count on Disney to entertain us. I was NEVER embarrassed to view, I was NEVER appalled, just entertained and sometimes educated. Now, I am NOT entertained, I am NOT Educated and am unfortunately often absolutely appalled by the direction Disney has taken. So absolutely sad, heartbroken really, that this once trustworthy icon of entertainment has so utterly gone off the rails.

  13. Be

    Well, im no longer willing to see this movie!! Why do they take classics, and ruin them? Poor Walt, he’d be rolling in his grave over this!

    1. Chris Wood

      Without the prince and true loves kiss to wake her up, who is going to wake snow up after eating the 🍎? Is snow gay and her non binary trans partner going to kiss her. Since it’s woke, will this person need snows permission to kiss her then. Snow will be sleeping for a very long time then

      1. Jeremy

        Believe it or not, they removed “True love’s kiss” from the live attraction because the “lack of consent” BS. Growing up I never once thought, “Well, now that just seems ‘rapey'”. For a supposedly “woke” company, they need to wake the F up. Try creating something new and original.

  14. Maybe they could give her a gun and she could be gi Jane and shoot them all .That’s it Disney ruin another fairytale it’s what Disney does best.

  15. Rashanique

    It wasn’t 1937 in 1938 so can we pleeeease just let these time old childhood stories rest on the nostalgia and stop “pretending” to WAKE EVERYTHING UP! These stories encompass a lot of our memories from a time when things were so much more innocent and simple and that’s how they should remain. Why people would take offense to a fairytale,a flight of fancy,a whimsical improbability is just plain silly! It is simply a story,make believe and I guess that has no place in a world so jaded and overly sensitive now. Next thing to go is smiling because our honest uninhibited laughter is all ready under attack!🤔🧐😒
    GTFOSW people.🤦🏽‍♀

    1. Anonymous

      Jealousy! They can’t find happiness in this woth so they have to ruin the movies that have happy endings!

  16. Dutch

    I hope Disney keeps making these bombs. Watching Disney fail is better than watching the movies. Disney is done.

    1. Dale

      When all they can do is double down on stupidity it’s time to acknowledge you don’t have a political position, you have a psychological disorder.

    2. Now Disney’s last five films have bombed, including Haunted Mansion. But Bob Iger just had his contract extended through 2026. He needs to be around for the ten upcoming live-action remakes of animated classics. I hope they all fail too! Maybe then Disney might come up with original idea!!!

  17. Rich

    This is absolutely crazy and a sin that they are destroying this great story. We will not support this. I have 4 grandkids that I will not take to this movie.
    Disney get your act together

  18. Gclark

    Why exactly is it considered that a woman is not empowered just because she dreams of finding true love? Why is it considered weak that a man happens to be the one that saves her? True diversity includes all types of stories. This is a relevant story, just as a story with woman saving a man is irrelevant story. We have both in Disney at this point, there is no need to mess with a classic tale.

    1. Graham

      If true diversity includes all types of stories what’s your problem with them making a new one?

      1. Ruthann

        I can’t think of a single movie made on the back of a previous HIT with “modern” updates that was worth watching. Make a new movie with your brain dead ideas and leave the classics alone. If it fails, well, learn a lesson.

    2. Vonda

      I will not be watching! I will not let it ruin my memory of the Beautiful Classic! I hate what they are doing to Walt’s Magical Disney. What he created!

  19. Will Edwards

    Disney lost its magic, years ago really. This just reaffirms it.

  20. Janet

    Good story. Agree completely

  21. Eric

    If it is a remake, then the plot and characters shouldn’t change just because the time has. A remake is telling the same story. Disney is starting to ruin everything that made them good. Disney is going to be their own downfall bc they want to be “woke”

  22. Dwiom Martin

    They would have to pay me cash money to waste my time watching this atrocious alteration. Even then, I may just take the money and run.

  23. Abby

    I’m glad that the new Snow White isn’t going to be made. Why mess with perfection?

  24. Maria

    I am most definetely NOT seeing this 1!!!!

  25. Karen

    Won’t be watching. No love
    story. Seven dwarves are now 1 dwarf, a woman, and 5 average size guys. And in what world is Rachel, while pretty, ever more beautiful than Gal Gadot?

  26. Maria Braziel

    Please…please …please if Walt still alive this will not happen. Disney is really making this for children. Their books about snow white and prince and the 7 dwarves has the same stories and all of a sudden you will change the traditional story? I am very disappointed at DW. I am 53 years old and still remember and still has my book about Snow White she is my fav.princess. it’s so devastating to hear this stupid idea of this kind of re make. Do something about it. Gaddot can be the snow white and Charlice Theron can be the Queen.

  27. Lisa


  28. Leave Snow White and all the other old Disney shows alone!!!! Make new one for the narrative of today. People need to quit erasing everything to present the presant!!!

  29. Jane

    Very sad to assume everyone gave up on love because the left are miserable, baby killing murderers.

  30. Karen Willoughby

    I, and my family, WILL NOT be watching the remake!!!!!

  31. Patrick Hausenfleck

    As inappropriate as it’s re-theming….One would expect it to have at least a B.J. Happy Ending.

  32. Lance C Liebl

    Disney execs and creators need to get off the angel dust. Leave the classics alone. Trouble is they dont have enough talent to write a new story without shoving social unheavals into the story. This is why Disney films are losing millions and people are turning off to Disney ideologies. Disney + is losing tons of subscribers.
    Disney used to be a family escape from reality and a trip into fantasy. Now Disney has become an extension of all the political bs going on.

  33. Lynn

    why can’t I read comments

  34. Disney just plain sucks anymore, it’s not about great original family films, it’s about remaking iconic films into a shadow of themselves for their WOKE misled agenda. They need original movies to put out their WOKE agenda if they want to make WOKEDOM happy, not just remake every old movie they have, which will be remade when the WOKE generation is gone lol. Disney is a old dying brand that is killing themselves with horrible remakes. Can’t wait for end to come soon enough.

  35. Kathy b.

    I think this approach is all wrong. It was meant to be a romantic story and I think we need that these days. I’m all for female empowerment but not for this story. It won’t be the same without the 7 dwarves either. If they continue on this path I will never go to see it, I have no interest ( I usually see every new Disney film that comes out). I don’t see the need for all the live action remakes either. Most of them pale in comparison to the originals. The originals are art, not a statement.

  36. Walt

    Disney is no longer about creativity – it is about liberal woke politics. Until they get back to STORY this slide will continue.

  37. Phillysub

    This doesn’t affect me since I haven’t paid to see a Disney in over 20 years. It is just sad to see this company moving away from the culture that once made it a beloved company.

  38. Luna

    Leave Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs alone! No need for a remake!!! That is my favorite Disney film!! Do not mess with a classic!!

  39. Kim

    This is a insult to Walt myself.
    A Disney classic that won so many awards. Why does this world think everything old needs to be changed. If you don’t like the way the original story goes don’t watch it. I’m not a fan of so of the new stuff, but I still love Disney. I just don’t go see it and wait for the next story.
    This news is very sad for Disney history 🥺

  40. Tina

    I have always loved Disney and the magical feeling in the parks but Disney is digging its own grave. They are ruining their whole image trying to appeal to the one percenters. It’s sacrilegious to change these classics. They should have made new characters and storylines if they wanted modern takes but I am sure even then the outcomes would be flops just like the remakes in recent years. Listen to your audience, stop while you can! Families want the traditions and originals they grew up loving.

  41. Oyf

    Can’t wait to watch this trash BURN!

  42. Tim

    You can’t change the past ,so let it be ,by all means change the future,change the world it has been going on since the dawn of time but leave the past alone

  43. I think it’s completely beyond ridiculous that Disney is transforming to this cancel culture crap and are redoing all of the classics.All because a bunch of belly aching people don’t have anything better to do but complain.I think before doing any more Stupid things Disney should ask themselves What would Walt do? It can be guaranteed he wouldn’t cave in but he would stand his ground and stand by and up for his work.

  44. I think it’s completely beyond ridiculous that Disney is transforming to this cancel culture crap and are redoing all of the classics.All because a bunch of belly aching people don’t have anything better to do but complain.I think before doing any more Stupid things Disney should ask themselves What would Walt do? It can be guaranteed he wouldn’t cave in but he would stand his ground and stand by and up for his work.

  45. Anette

    Thank you for letting me know I’m not going to see it IL save money and watch the original at home.

  46. Old time Disney fan

    Remaking a classic animated movie into a human movie proves that they do not have a new idea among them. How about imagination and new themes? Stop using old themes! Leave the classics, probably created before current staff was born, alone!!! Create new idea good movies or even good animated ones. Sadly Disney and others have no creative imagineers working for them. At the rate Disney is going they will be a company of the past. Maybe just stick with theme parks and stay out of movies since you don’t have any new ideas. Use the original characters to create new rides. Maybe that will be easier for you.


  48. Graham

    It’s a whole other movie.
    You people need to get over it. There are few lifeforms lower than that of “Disney Adult.”
    Grow the f_ up.

  49. Zee

    Let’s not pretend this project is story canon. It’s a reimagining at best, and that’s assuming Disney doesn’t wake up and bury this abomination in the ‘Vault’ before release.

  50. Steve Dewhurst

    After being a Disney fan all my life, I find myself being increasingly alienated by the direction the company is taking, especially in film. Apart from the odd original concept, such as Elemental, they keep insisting on making tacky live action copies of their classic cartoon catalogue. There’s also the insistence of inserting political messaging in each film, while also emphasising a female empowerment philosophy in many films, while denigrating men (Indiana Jones). Sooner or later Disney are going to have to wake up, or face the very real prospect that providing niche, non-profitable media will sink the company.


    What a SHAME. Bye bye Disney…

  52. Malien19

    SOOOOO IDEA 💡 Put her in another dress, come up with a great name and make an original that we can love instead of ruining a classic Disney Movie!!!

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