100+ Animators Launch ‘Frasier’ Spinoff

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Frasier and his cartoon version

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After years of being off the air, Frasier is set to return on October 12, 2023. As thrilled as many fans are to see the snarky psychiatrist make a return, some find the project lacking.

Frasier Crane in the Booth
Credit: CBS

Frasier was one of the most iconic series of the ’90s, and it has since become a pop-culture standout. The successful Cheers spinoff starring Kelsey Grammer with David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney, Jane Leeves, and Peri Gilpin in the supporting cast was a staple of sitcom TV and still has a massive following even years later.

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When it was announced that Paramount+ would be rebooting the series, longtime fans (including this writer) were naturally ecstatic. However, some believe the new season will just be another needless and lackluster remake of a long-time favorite.

Frasier Gets Animated

Sitcom aficionados are likely already familiar with the witty antics of Dr. Frasier Crane, his brother Niles, and their retired detective father, but the upcoming reboot seems to be missing all but one of those elements. As the trailer above demonstrates, Frasier is returning to Boston with his son and a new cast of supporting characters.

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While this new direction is certainly a bold choice for the upcoming series, some of the dedicated fanbase find it completely misses the mark of the original show. One group of Frasier fanatics outright criticized the project for being another “corporate” remake, so they decided to do something about it.

A crowdsourced project known as “Our Frasier Reboot” has brought together over 100 different artists and animators to recreate the final episode of Frasier’s first season. An article from The Erwin Recorddescribes the collaboration with the following statement,

“The work has been divided into six- to 12- second clips and the independent artists can use any style to re-create the scene one frame at a time. This creative endeavor resulted in 20,465 frames of art featuring stop-motion animation, digital drawing, puppetry, AI-generated art and many others.”

While it might appear to be a highly ambitious fan project at first glance, the animated remake is a visual demonstration from the official reboot’s true audience. This is literally the consumers telling Paramount what they want: a return to the old classic with a new perspective.

The teaser for the project, seen above, goes right for the throat and calls out the show for being a “corporate reboot” that will “mess with the show we love.” While it’s unknown at this time how the studio will feel about that accusation, it’s clear that true Frasier fans still know what made the original show great.

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That’s not to say the official reboot is necessarily bad, but it does tick several boxes for the stereotypical hashed-out remake formula. While it’s certainly good to see Dr. Crane evolve even after all this time, how much will it stick to the script to avoid falling into the pitfalls of the modern sitcom?

What are your thoughts on the Frasier remake? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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