Marvel Is Bringing Back Stan Lee’s Original X-Men

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In 1963, legendary comic co-creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby sat down and created one of history’s greatest comic book teams. This was the original X-Men, which is still being used today. Marvel has announced that it will bring back the original team created by Stan Lee in a new Multiverse event.

X-Men The Animated Series
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The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is locked in a giant Multiverse story that sees past and present heroes mashed together in all Marvel properties. Take Doctor Strange 2 (2022), for instance. Though the film brought along familiar heroes in Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), and Wong (Benedict Wong), some additions left the world reeling.

Marvel decided to treat everyone to one of the biggest fan service cameos achieved by including John Krasinksi as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. The film was also the first to bring back original X-Men actor Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. While both were mercilessly killed, it was one of the best usages of bringing in different timeline versions of beloved comic characters.

Marvel has been plenty coy about how the X-Men will factor into the grand MCU, and they have slowly been introducing mutants into the greater scheme of things. Namor (Tenoch Huerta) from Black Panther 2 (2022) was introduced as a mutant, and the same was done for Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani).

Though it might be time until the company figures out how to truly incorporate the X-Men team, the original five return in a brand-new story.

Marvel Announces Original X-Men Story

original x-men team from Marvel Comics
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Marvel has announced that the original X-Men team of Beast, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Iceman, Angel, and Beast will return in a new Multiverse story. The comic book one-shot sees the Phoenix Force drag the original X-Men team through time to solve a Multiverse threat.

The story is written by Christos Gage (X-Men Legacy) and drawn by Greg Land (former Uncanny X-Men artist). This new story will bring back the original team to not only honor the memory of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, as 2023 serves as the 60th anniversary that the team was created.

“In 1963’s monumental X-Men #1, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel to the world and transformed pop culture as we know it! Six decades later, the original roster is regarded as one of the most legendary super hero lineups in comic book history. This group of young mutant icons were chosen by Professor X to be the foundation of his mutant dream and now, they’ve been plucked from time for a sacred mission across the multiverse by none other than the Phoenix Force! After the cosmic entity restores the team’s lost memories, this bold epic will explore themes that were introduced when Brian Michael Bendis brought the O5 to present day in 2012’s blockbuster hit, All-New X-Men, and will set up a brand-new X-Men series launching next year!”

On top of the description explaining how the original X-Men team will shape the future of Marvel, a further description given by the company has also indicated this time travel will see one of the members being left behind, or rather, left forward. If we had to guess, we imagine Jean Grey might be the one that remains in the future. Beast is also a strong candidate, as he has the smarts to help out the future much like he would the past.

Though this is a comic story, this could hold enormous implications for the grander MCU.

How the MCU Could Bring in the X-Men

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As stated, Marvel has been quite coy about introducing mutants into the fold, and the X-Men have all but been missing. That was until Deadpool 3 announced that Hugh Jackman would return as Wolverine. Though the film will likely be filled with jokes and mayhem, it is officially part of the MCU.

The rumors have indicated that Deadpool and Wolverine will travel through time, though it hasn’t been substantiated why. A set photo showed them fighting in front of the 20th Century Fox sign, indicating that the film might involve the original live-action X-Men team, which would make sense considering Jackman is part of that team.

With this new one-shot story involving the original team, why not bring the source material directly into a film? The core members of the original X-Men team are beloved, with Cyclops, Beast, and Jean Grey being among the most notable. Should Deadpool and Wolverine travel way back to the 1960s, they might accidentally bring back one of the original members.

There are plenty of rumors about tons of characters being shown in the sequel Deadpool film, like Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen).

The Multiverse is funny, as any trickery can be used to bring in anyone from any timeline practically. The best way to honor Stan Lee and Jack Kirby is by allowing their original team to appear in the MCU for good.

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X-Men #1 will be released on December 20, bringing back one of the most iconic comic book teams ever created.

What do you think of the original Stan Lee X-Men team returning? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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