Guest Gets Naked in Disneyland and Forces Employees To Intervene

in Disneyland Resort


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Another guest has broken the dress code at Disney, essentially getting naked while visiting “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Credit: Disney

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The dress code at Disney is something that’s been dated and discussed for years. While many guests have a general idea of what they can and can’t wear while visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World, it’s still a fascinating topic for thousands of fans to discuss. What makes these discussions even better is when you have actual examples of guests breaking these guidelines, either on purpose or by sheer accident.

This is something we’ve seen quite a few times in the last several months at the Disney parks.

A Guest wears a bikini into the entrance of EPCOT, but is stopped.

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With Walt Disney World being located in Orlando, Florida, it’s obvious that guests will want to wear as little clothing as possible in order to beat the heat and the brutal humidity. Disney World is fairly relaxed when it comes to the types of outfits it allows guests to wear, but there are still rules guests must follow. Disney does not allow guests to wear tops that need a tie to be held together. Obviously, guests must be wearing pants or shorts, shoes, and a shirt in order to visit its parks.

DIsneylandf is the same, but with slightly better weather, meaning guests don’t have to try as hard to be comfortable. However, this does not mean that guests don’t break Disneyland’s rules either. A recent internet post is going viral after a guest revealed what they saw in Disneyland over the weekend.

“Craziest display of cheeks we had ever seen,” said the guest. Apparently, one guest had their full bare butt on display at Disneyland. “Cast members ran behind her but we didn’t see if she was asked to bring her skirt down to under her butt lol.” Like we’ve said so many times, Disney is quite lenient with what it allows its guests to wear. However, when someone exposes a part of themselves in a manner like this, something must be done quickly.

Yellow, red, and green skyliner gondolas sail with Disney's Hollywood Studios in the far distance.
Credit: Disney

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We’ve seen some truly shocking outfits at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, ranging from indecent to illegal. At Walt Disney World, one guest recorded a video of them twerking in front of other guests at Disney Springs, wearing nothing more than a bikini. Another guest attempted to enter Disney World wearing a micro swimsuit, to which they were quickly denied.

Quite a few guests have chosen to not wear any clothing at all. One guest exposed their bare breasts while riding the Walt Disney World Skyliner, flashing others who flew by. Another guest flashed guests while visiting EPCOT. These examples are not only against the rules of Disney but are illegal. Most of the time, Disney takes issue with what guests’ clothing says or shows. Believe it or not, some guests wear shirts and hats with inappropriate phrases on them despite Disney being a family-friendly theme park.

When you visit Disney, make sure you’ve read up on the official clothing guidelines laid out by the resort!

Have you ever seen someone break the rules at Disney? What have you seen?

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