Disney Adults Want Their “Ashes Stuffed in Animatronics”, Terrifying Desires Revealed

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Three animatronic dolls.

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There are many huge fans when it comes to Disney, and for some, Disney is such a large part of their life that they do whatever they can to feel the magic all year round. That may mean having Disney tattoos, Disney decor in your home, watching Disney vlogs, taking tons of Disney trips, or even moving to Orlando to be closer to Walt Disney World Resort.

Two Disney Adults dining at Topolino's
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All of this is perfectly fine, and around here, very much accepted. Things do take a turn, however, when superfans imagine how they would like to be immortalized in the theme parks, especially when some of the answers involve their corpse flying from Cinderella Castle to the Tomorrowland landing spot where Tinkerbell usually lands. That is a lot less magical than wanting a window dedicated to you on Main Street, U.S.A., like other Imagineers.

Disney adults have been under scrutiny for a long time, as many have taken an issue with adults visiting Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom without children. It seems that riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine train with your best friend or partner instead of your child is a topic that leaves some folks on the internet in quite a stir.

Three adult women in front of Epcot.
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That being said, Disney has heard fans loud and clear and is creating more and more spaces for Disney adults to enjoy the magic without children running around.

When guests cruise on Disney Cruise Line, running into a ton of children is inevitable — but Disney does do a good job creating child-free zones. For example, each ship will have a pool and bar area that is adult-only, and there are also some lounges that are for 21+. The ships have tons of areas dedicated to teenagers, and Disney’s Oceaneer Club acts as a babysitting service to younger children, so that parents can go and enjoy those adult-only amenities.

Water park-like attractions are just some of the recreations and activities offered aboard
Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Now, most recently, the Disney Treasure has announced a new adult-only offering and entertainment section that will be on their ship!

In the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, it is a lot harder to split up the kiddos from the adults. That has never stopped some adult guests from trying to do some interesting things, which are very clear rule breaks for any Disney guest.

If you have been to Walt Disney World Resort, or any other Disney Park for that matter, you know that there is not much you cannot do. As Disney is owned by The Walt Disney Company and located on private property, there is a lot that they are able to control. If guests are ever caught breaking the rules and regulations set out by Disney, there could be very severe punishments. These can range from being kicked out of the park, to being banned for life, and worse, arrested.

haunted mansion line after three day refurbishment causes 10 hour prolonged delay in opening
Credit: Inside the Magic

One rule that many Disney fans know should never be broken is that the ashes of loved ones who have passed on are not allowed to be scattered on the property. This had become a more common occurrence at Disney, and now, Cast Members are well-trained to spot out guests who may be attempting to make Disney into a burial ground.

Areas such as The Haunted Mansion have been known to be a popular dumping spot, as well as water attractions like “it’s a small world.” What these guests may not know is that Disney has cameras operating at all times with Cast Members watching in full view. Even in the dark, the cameras can pick up guests’ activity perfectly.

That being said, many guests still continue to try and attempt dumping the ashes of loved ones into sections of Disney property. They do this so that they can be “immortalized” at Disney forever, and have the theme park be their resting place.

Disney sets out to ban impertinent Guests, represented by Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members dressed as ghost butlers in front of the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom.
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Now, Disney fans who are still very much alive have been discussing how they would want to be immortalized at Disneyland Resort, and the answers are a little disturbing for some, while fun for others.

The original poster went to Reddit to ask, “Had this discussion with some friends awhile back and I love the different tributes to key figures. Let’s say you made a significant contribution to the parks, how would you liked to be honored there? Some of the ways we thought of were the windows on Main Street, an homage on a ride, a tomb stone at the haunted mansion, or maybe a boat named after you in the jungle cruise. I probably left a few out. My personal choice would be my name on one of the windows of Main Street but another liked his to be a reference on a ride like the Wells Expedition.

What would your choice be?”

Most of these poster’s examples were normal and involved having their name or photo included somewhere in the theme park.

Then, things took a turn.

One Disney fan said, “I want my skeleton added to Pirates of the Caribbean“, while many others agreed with that. There used to actually be a real skull on the ride, but it is no longer there.

pirates of the caribbean
Credit: Disney

Potentially the most shocking was the one where the Disney fan said, “I’d like them to zip line my lifeless corpse out of Sleeping Beauty castle every night in place of Tinkerbell; that way alongside the life-affirming celebratory fireworks we can also be solemnly reminded of the bittersweet temporality of life on a nightly basis (twice in summer).”

4th of july fireworks at disneyland 2
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Another fan said, “Cremate me, turn me into stones, then stack the stones in little piles off to the side of Grizzly River Run and Thunder Mountain.” One creepy option would be to “want a little doll of me in it’s a small world”, which is what multiple fans would like, according to the post. To really make the animatronic option scary, another fan said, “ooo, what if you had your ashes stuffed inside an animatronic doll? Perhaps too creepy and yet so cool.”

Of course, none of these terrifying options will likely ever happen but it is a fun question to think about for Disney fans, as long as they don’t have any of the above answers. Many others gave great answers like a tree in their name, a bench in their name, a photo of them in the Haunted Mansion, and more!

How would you like to be immortalized at a Disney Park?

Are you looking to visit Disneyland? Considering Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is the first ever theme park, and the only one that Walt Disney himself was able to walk through, it holds a magical spot in all of our Disney-loving hearts. Seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle is a picture-perfect moment; there is so much to do! When it comes to attractions, Guests can enjoy the spooky adventures in The Haunted Mansion during the year and Haunted Mansion Holiday (featuring the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas) during the holiday season. Pirates of the Caribbean will take you on a swashbuckling journey, and Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain provide thrills like no other. Classic rides like Matterhorn Bobsleds, Storybook Land Canal Boats, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Snow White’s Enchanted Wish are a must, and dining is excellent with stand-out locations like Blue Bayou and Carnation Cafe. Want to start booking so you can see Mickey Mouse in his home in Toontown? The Disneyland website has everything you need to know about the Disneyland app, hotels, tickets, and the Disney Genie+ service. Click here to check it out. 

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