Disney+ Loses Subscribers Over Shockingly Satanic Content

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As reports of persistent discord continue to flood the news feeds from the Walt Disney Company, it seems like the house of mouse continues to spiral ever downward. With Disney+ losing millions of subscribers and films barely surviving at the box office, the studio can’t afford to lose fans.

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Unfortunately for the studio, concerned parents are beginning to pull their subscriptions due to some of the programming greenlit for the platform. If drag queens doing dinner parties weren’t bad enough, a coming-of-age story about the birth of the Antichrist might drag the company’s streaming service to Hell in a Mickey-shaped handbasket.

Pauline Pulls the Plug on Disney+

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One of the biggest sources of concern for subscribers came from a report that Disney+ would be launching Pauline, a German TV series about a pregnant teenager destined to give birth to the antichrist after a one-night stand with Satan himself. While this sounds more at home on Shudder than the company’s magical streaming service, the mere announcement was enough to get parents up in arms.

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Naturally, concerned parents are more than outraged at the studio being associated with something like this, but it will have more considerable consequences than some might think.


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@gospelgearco is an obviously Christian conservative content creator who recently voiced her opinion on the matter, but she does represent a very vocal group. Consumer reactions have drastically altered projects before, but could a massive boycott be underway?

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Many users in the comments are sharing their distaste, disgust, and distrust of the Walt Disney Company, its platforms, and its Parks, and the response is anything but warm.

@jaf060711 writes,

“It’s so sad! Our childhood WAS Disney. Now as a parent I hate I can’t share it with them.or disneyworld!”

And @mrs_cptjacksparrow adds,

“I struggle with this soooooo much. I love Disney but I don’t support their choice as of late.”

However, @tashina_najar makes an interesting deviation. Instead of pulling away from Disney as a whole, they’re simply more selective in what they choose to watch.

“My kids only watch the oldies. But before I introduced a new movie I watch it myself first and decide.”

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Despite her good intentions, the creator in the original video leaves out some information regarding Pauline. Disney+ isn’t as responsible for it as some might think, only the platform on which it airs. Additionally, it’s highly likely that this isn’t Disney’s project, as the recent merger with Hulu might suggest.

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This perception might be immensely biased, but the creator and commenters raise up an interesting point. How involved should parents be in what media their children consume? Just because it’s on Disney+ doesn’t mean it’s meant for them.

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Weirdmageddon
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The streaming platform is also home to other paranormal projects dealing in demons and the occult, such as Ghost Hunters, Gravity Falls and Celebrity Ghost Stories, but how many parents were up in arms over those programs being introduced? Again, Disney isn’t forcing these shows, just making them accessible.

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Whether consumers support Pauline or not, there’s no denying that a massive boycott of Disney+ is already underway. However, it should be known that all streaming services implement ratings for a reason, and that one project does not speak for an entire brand.

Is the studio involved in dark forces, or is this simply overly conservative rhetoric? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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