Proud ‘Blue Beetle’ Mom Promotes Film Despite Strikes

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Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes in Blue Beetle without his helmet looking surprised

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Since Blue Beetle (2023) star Xolo Maridueña can’t promote his breakthrough performance, his mother has stepped in to take matters into her own hands. And she does it perfectly.

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The first Latino superhero epic, Blue Beetle (2023), stars Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes, a recent law school graduate. After learning his family is about to lose their home, he takes a job working for Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon) to help raise money. he is soon asked to protect the Scarab, a cosmic weapon, by Kord’s niece (Bruna Marquezine). The Scarab chooses Jaime as its host, turning him into Blue Beetle. It’s now up to him to stop Victoria Kord’s evil plan and save the world.

Despite low expectations, Blue Beetle has proven to be a success, partially due to incredible performances from Maridueña and the supporting cast, which includes George Lopez, Adriana Barraza, and Damián Alcázar. However, some believe it could have done better if the actors could promote the film, something prevented by the SAG-AFTRA strike. Fortunately, Maridueña’s real-life mother has stepped in to pick up the slack.

‘Blue Beetle’ Mom is Providing Free Screenings of the Film in Support of Unions

Credit: Warner Bros.

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While Xolo Maridueña is not allowed to promote Blue Beetle due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, his mother, Carmelita Ramírez-Sánchez, is free to do whatever she wants. And in order to support the film, she is providing free screenings in support of the strikes and labor unions. “The mom part of me, it’s been heartbreaking not to see them be able to really enjoy and be part of this situation,” Ramírez-Sánchez said. However, she completely understands why it must be done.

Ramírez-Sánchez is the executive director of the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, an organization that “offers career development to increase equity in the entertainment industry” by teaching practical skills and providing mentorship for communities who have historically been denied access to opportunities in the creative arts industries. On top of this, she is the daughter of parents who were active in their respective unions. Because of this, she knows exactly what these strikes mean.

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Since Blue Beetle’s premiere, Ramírez-Sánchez has partnered with various organizations to provide access to free screenings for hundreds of people who would otherwise not be able to see the movie and provide awareness of the people who work behind the scenes on the movie. Overall, she couldn’t be happier with how both the film and the screenings have turned out. “The reactions, honestly, have been overwhelming at times.”

Before a recent screening for labor union families with SEIU Local 721, the union’s president and executive director, David Green, spoke about how much these screenings mean to the community. “It’s exciting that it’s the first Latino superhero. But you know, this is a movie about much more than that,” he said. “This is a movie about social justice and race and class, incredibly entertaining, that really resonates with our folks who are working people, frontline workers.”

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It’s this kind of response that shows why Blue Beetle is the superhero movie we need right now. It’s not just about an extraordinary character getting to exist in action-packed set pieces with fun, quippy lines. It’s a movie that’s about family and community coming together to tackle problems that seem impossible together. And togetherness is something the world can really use right now.

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