RUMOR: Nicolas Cage Reprises Ghost Rider for MCU

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Nic Cage as Ghost Rider

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To say there has been a great deal of turmoil at Marvel Studios would be a huge understatement, but that doesn’t mean fans have lost all hope. As the Avengers cling on for dear life for the Kang Dynasty, Marvel might be looking at alternative heroes to bring to the big screen.

The Avengers original lineup which Marvel may be about to reboot
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It was recently reported that a mass exodus was predicted after announcements were made by both Marvel and Disney’s Bob Iger, but whispers of other heroes joining the fray are starting to grow louder. While the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are supposedly making their debuts, they won’t be alone.

Marvel Resurrects Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage)
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As the world recovers from superhero fatigue, it could be time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to pursue other stories with different characters than the standard team-ups. Although we’re all very excited about the possibility of Wolverine and the rest of the classic X-Men to return to the big screen, rumors of Ghost Rider’s return have been circulating online.

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The last time fans saw Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance on the silver screen was Nicolas Cage’s wild-eyed portrayal of Johnny Blaze in the 2000s. As unusual and over-the-top as his variant was, that’s not saying it didn’t have its fans.

@CanWeGetSomeToast on Twitter/X writes,

“The Spirits of Vengeance and their Hellfire will be burning the damned sooner than you think…”

While no announcement has officially been made by Marvel, CanWeGetSomeToast and Comic Book Resources are sharing rumors and reports of Ghost Rider returning to the big screen for the MCU.

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As Marvel continues to explore the Multiverse with projects like What If..? and supposedly Deadpool 3, this could be the perfect way to bring the iconic Cage back on the bike as Johnny Storm once more. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that fans will go gaga for Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna)
Credit: ABC/Marvel

That all being said, it should also be noted that Cage isn’t the only one to take up the mantel of Marvel’s damned vigilante. Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie Reyes, muscle-car driving version who appeared in Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Cage might just have some competition.

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With the way things seem to be going at Marvel, especially considering their more frequent use of masks and CGI on their characters, an appearance from someone like Ghost Rider wouldn’t be out of the question. Until an official announcement is made, all we can do now is cross our fingers and hope some version will be blazing onto screens sometime soon.

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