Lucasfilm Teases Live-Action ‘Treasure Planet’ After ‘Ahsoka’

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Ahsoka is the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga, and Dave Filoni has once again knocked it out of the park. Although it’s only three chapters in at the time of writing, the series is absolutely dripping with fan service and easter eggs, but Filoni’s might not be the only universe involved.

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A connection between Star Wars and Doctor Who has already been revealed, but it doesn’t look like Lucasfilm is stopping there. While it might just be an easter egg or a clever reference, it seems like the studio might be interested in one of Disney’s underrated gems.

Is Lucasfilm Remaking Treasure Planet?

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Lucasfilm is a giant in the realm of science fiction, but Disney has had their fair share of icons, too. While 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and TRON are undoubtedly masterpieces of the genre, some of the studio’s later entries have been cast aside.

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Treasure Planet is one of Disney’s biggest cult films, and it’s developed a very vocal following since it was first released. Although the space-themed reimagining of Treasure Island was a passion project by some of the studio’s best animators, it didn’t gain enough traction to truly do well at the box office, resulting in its obscurity.

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That said, an interest in a second attempt has circulated throughout the Disney fanbase for years. While there’s definitely a stigma surrounding the Disney live-action remakes, a second chance for an unsung hero might be on the table.

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The new Ahsoka series has more than its fair share of easter eggs from different spots across the galaxy far, far away, but one piece of technology struck a chord with Disney fans. The star map opened in the second episode looks too familiar to be just a coincidence.


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@melialisette expresses the exact same thoughts many likely had when the artifact was used. It almost identically mirrors the map to the Loot of a Thousand Worlds in Disney’s Treasure Planet. As impressive as the visuals were, this couldn’t have been done for a mere reference alone.

Disney is notorious for slipping in references to past and upcoming projects in their movies, so why wouldn’t they do the same thing with their shows? Even Star Wars isn’t immune to the same trope, but mixing fandoms would definitely be a first.

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That said, Filoni is definitely the man for the job. After all, the original animated film had a certain Star-Wars-esque flavor with its reliance on ships, aliens, and a chosen hero. It feels like a too easy transition to simply write off as a one-time occurance.

Is Filoni preparing a Treasure Planet remake? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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