‘Ahsoka’ Confirms Disney’s New Jedi Will Be the Next Luke Skywalker

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Luke Skywalker with Sabine Wren and Ahsoka

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Luke Skywalker may have saved the entire galaxy by redeeming Darth Vader and besting Emperor Palpatine, but Disney has plans to introduce their new Jedi, like how Luke started.

Luke Vader
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Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano is chasing down Grand Admiral Thrawn, trying to figure out where the infamous Chiss leader went, but the Disney+ series also revealed something else that was surprising. When Ezra Bridger was gone, Ahsoka took Sabine Wren as her apprentice. Not because she was force-sensitive but because she considered it good for her. This is one of the few times that training a normal person without a natural gift for attuning with the force has really happened.

At first, fans thought Dave Filoni was just making Sabine use the force suddenly and ruin what Star Wars Rebels set up. Now, it’s more clear that just because Sabine doesn’t have the force talent like other Jedi, it doesn’t mean she can’t learn how to tap into the force eventually.

Sabine Wren wielding a lightsaber in 'Ahsoka'
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In Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope (1977), Luke Skywalker didn’t know he was force-sensitive, but that didn’t stop Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) from teaching him some basic lessons in how to use the force. While Luke struggled with the training sessions, Ben Kenobi died before Luke could fully learn the ways of the force. It would take him years of searching to learn more and become more attuned to his abilities.

Sabine Wren is strangely on the same path as Luke. While Luke has a stronger connection to the force, Ahsoka is setting up Sabine as one of the first Jedi who isn’t force-sensitive. Since the force resides in all beings, it isn’t going to change Star Wars completely. Sabine’s story will be interesting to follow once they find Ezra Bridger because that will definitely be a turning point for Sabine and Ezra. When he left, Sabine learned the ways of the force and still struggled to make that connection while Ezra was a Jedi Knight.

Sabine in 'Ahsoka'
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It’s hard to tell if Ezra will be safe once they find Thrawn or if the Jedi could be in serious trouble. Either way, Ahsoka will explore more of Sabine’s abilities with a new fight scene in Episode 4, possibly showing Sabine briefly use the force for the first time.

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