New Theory Reveals the Identity of Marrok in ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’

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marrok in star wars ahsoka

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Star Wars does a wonderful job of bringing in characters only to reveal their true natures, ideologies, or identities. These mystery characters are often shrouded in mystery, leaving it up to fans to create wild theories about who they might be. The biggest current mystery is Marrok, the new Inquisitor that has appeared in Ahsoka, who is now connected to a wild theory that also brings in time travel and a Multiverse.

Ray Stevenson as new 'Star Wars' villain Baylan Skoll using the Force in 'Ahsoka' star wars
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For those who don’t remember, Star Wars Rebels introduced the world to how the franchise could and would present a Multiverse and time travel. Ezra Bridger finds a way through using the Force to enter a space called the World Between Worlds. This plane acts as a hub of time and space, where doorways allow him to traverse great distances quickly.

While Ahoksa nearly dies or does die, depending on how you look at it. Ezra enters the World Between Worlds to save her from an explosion on Malachor when she faces off against her master, Darth Vader. This World Between World seems to be a crucial plot point in the Ahsoka series, as Morgan is building a new hyperspace ship that can travel far spaces to save Thrawn. This distant space could even be a galaxy that exists in a Multiverse aspect within the Star Wars.

That is why a new theory proposing the identity of Marrok is so wild but makes complete sense.

Marrok Could Be a Familiar ‘Star Wars’ Character

Ahsoka Tano dueling Marrok
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Based on this new Star Wars theory, Ahsoka plans to use the idea of time travel in a way that has never been used before. Time travel hasn’t been used, but this would undoubtedly be a huge move for Dave Filoni—if it becomes true.

The theory proposes that Marrok is Jacen Syndulla but from the future. We know how wild that sounds, but it would make sense if other Jedi and Sith could use the World Between Worlds.

The Jedi temple on Lothal is where Ezra first finds the entrance to the World Between Worlds. Should it still be intact, excavators could have accessed it. Plenty of Sith and Jedi are constantly dealing with former temples in their search for holocrons and information from the past.

Then again, it would also make sense for multiple entrances to the World Between Worlds. The only one existing on Lothal wouldn’t make much sense, considering many galaxies and planets spread throughout the franchise.

Jacen and Hera Syndulla in 'Ahsoka'
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Jacen Syndulla could have fallen to the dark side in the future and returned to the past to confront his mother (Hera Syndulla), Ahsoka, or someone who is to blame for his predicament.

Another big reason why Jacen is attached to being a Sith is simply because of his name. Jacen is a name that many Star Wars fans know from the Expanded Universe. In the Expanded Universe stories, Jacen is the son of Han and Leia. Han and Leia get married and have two kids: Jacen and Jaina. Though they train under Luke Skywalker, Jacen falls to the dark side.

He eventually becomes Darth Caedus. This storyline was somewhat borrowed from the Sequel Trilogy films. Luke trains Ben Solo, though Luke sees the darkness within him and eventually tries to kill him. This helps turn Ben Solo into Kylo Ren.

Though it was not a one-to-one adaptation, the elements of the story certainly match up with the Expanded Universe story and the Sequel Trilogy.

There are many theories about the identity of Marrok in Ahsoka. Some claim he could be Ezra Bridger, having fallen to the dark side through the influence of Thrawn. Others say that Marrok could be Starkiller, an apprentice of Darth Vader, who appeared in the Force Unleashed video games.

Fans have been begging to see Starkiller made canon, and the character voice actor Sam Witmer is credited in Ahsoka. Marrok finally spoke in Ahsoka, and his voice sounded eerily similar to Starkiller’s.

Fan theories are a huge part of the Star Wars universe; some are wilder than others. We are unsure if Dave Filoni would be so bold as to have Marrok be Jacen Syndulla in the future, but nothing is off the table right now.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in 'Ahsoka'
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We will find out who Marrok is soon, assuming the Inquisitor’s identity will rock the core of Ahsoka’s life, making it much harder for her to find Ezra Bridger. Ahsoka has released three episodes so far, and with five to go, Marrok will soon be unmasked.

What do you think of Marrok being an Expanded Universe Star Wars character? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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