Dave Filoni Reveals ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Doctor Who’ Crossover

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Filoni on Doctor Who

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Ahsoka is definitely the name on everybody’s lips as the much-awaited series finally storms Disney+, but it’s far more than just a continuation of the slew of Star Wars spinoffs on the platform.

Dave Filoni talking about Star Wars
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Dave Filoni has truly brought his universe to life by bringing the realms of Clone Wars and Rebels to live-action, but those aren’t the only corners of the universe he’s brought together. The prolific director just confirmed a canonical crossover we didn’t know we needed.

Filoni Confirms Time Lord in Star Wars Canon

Credit: Disney

Although the series is only three chapters in, Ahsoka has already brought together a large portion of the animated universe into the live action Star Wars canon. However, it’s not the only science-fiction source being used. Dave Filoni is clearly a director who understands the medium and knows what will make fans happy.

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It was previously announced that Doctor Who would soon be joining Disney+ in November, 2023. The iconic BBC series has one of the largest fanbases in sci-fi media, but Filoni has found a way to incorporate the Doctor himself into the Star Wars legacy.

Huyang in his animated form
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Those familiar with Clone Wars already know about Professor Huyang, an ancient droid who oversaw the construction of lightsabers and training of Jedi for centuries. However, the character wouldn’t exist without the phenomenal vocal chops of David Tennant.

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Tennant has played Huyang since Filoni’s first animated Star Wars series, but Doctor Who had much more of a role to play than just Tennant’s appearance. In fact, the character wouldn’t exist without the Doctor.


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In the video above, Filoni not only admits to admiring Doctor Who, but confesses that Tennant’s portrayal of the 10th Doctor directly influenced his appearance in Clone Wars as Huyang. Naturally, this same performance and mad-scientist energy can still be felt as the character makes the transition to live action.

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It’s a great big universe, and there’s bound to be some overlap even in a galaxy far, far away. Could Huyang have the keys to the Tardis as well as the secrets of the Jedi Order? Perhaps, only Filoni can say for sure.

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