‘Star Wars’ Fans Enraged After ‘Ahsoka’ Seemingly Confirms Concerning Change

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Sabine Wren with Ahsoka Tano

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Star Wars fans are unhappy about how Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka might set up another spinoff centered around Disney’s new Jedi.

Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) lifting her hood
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Despite writing Ahsoka Tano, Dave Filoni is marketing the fan-favorite character as a Jedi. Ahsoka left the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and in Star Wars Rebels, makes it very clear that she isn’t a Jedi anymore when fighting Darth Vader.

For Ahsoka, it looks like Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Sabine Wren will be force sensitive. Despite spending years with Jedi, Sabine Wren will go from a gunslinging Mandalorian to a Jedi padawan learning the will of the force from Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano.

Shin Hati in 'Ahsoka'
Credit: Lucasfilm

Fans became increasingly concerned after several TV spots focused on Sabine Wren’s role in the series as Ahsoka’s padawan and always wielding a lightsaber. A new promo just released showing off Sabine Wren’s training with Ahsoka Tano:

Rosario Dawson in the Ahsoka trailer
Credit: Lucasfilm

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This has left fans angry about the marketing pulling away from Ahsoka Tano and more focused on Sabine Wren. Obviously, fans understand that the Star Wars Rebels crew would be in the series, but most of the recent promo clips are about Sabine Wren leaving fans worried that her story with Ezra and Kanan might be altered to tell this new story.

One online fan, @EscabarPueblo, points out that Ahsoka Tano couldn’t train Grogu, but she is perfectly fine teaching her friend Sabine Wren, exposing a plot hole for The Mandalorian Season 2:

But, she wouldn’t train Grogu.


Another online fan, @replyaccount97, shares how Sabine Wren shouldn’t be a force user because Mandalorian rarely gets to show off their fighting skills with lightsabers without the force, and after Pre Vizsla’s fight against Maul, fans feel like it would be better to show Sabine using all of the tools to fight her enemies:

I really hope they don’t make Sabine force sensitive. Sabines action/combat would be so much more unique if she’s using her jet pack, grapple, etc instead of a force push. Give me Maul vs Vizsla live action

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Other fans shared the same thoughts about Sabine Wren didn’t need to be a force sensitive:

Sabine Force sensitive confirmed then I guess? Unfortunately it makes no sense to me because that wasn‘t told to us in Rebels

Sabine better not be a damn Force Sensitive…..she was fine as a Mandalorian. Let her be that. The whole point of getting Erza back is the fact that he is not only a friend and a Jedi. Wtf man….


It’s clear that Filoni has a vision for where he wants to take this story, but fans will not be happy if Filoni breaks the canon again because he wants to tell the story differently. This isn’t the first time that Filoni has changed Star Wars canon, as he made an Ahsoka Tano novel completely useless after releasing an episode that butchered the story for no reason.

Ahsoka premieres on Disney+ on August 23.

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