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Sabine Wren with Ahsoka Tano

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  1. Come on Kyle. These are low-level Twitter accounts; This is not a problem except for two little accounts. And both are ding-bats. Ahsoka didn’t train Grgu because of his attachment to Mando. She feared another Vader could be created. She correctly saw she was the wrong person.

  2. Nick H

    Enraged ????
    Seriously you need to be a bit more realistic fella.

    A few randoms spouting on twitter I’d hardly a mass group of enraged fans is it.

    1. Christopher Stansfield


  3. T

    interesting how everyone seems to forget Sabine’s time training in lightsaber combat with Ezra.

  4. Christopher Stansfield

    You are making an assumption, are you saying that “all” the fans are enraged, well you are so wrong. There is about 50/50 split from what I’ve seen on social media. There are many, and I am one of them, that has thought for some time, that she can use the force. There are a plethora of hints and suggestions that she has latent force abilities, during Rebels, that to outright dismiss this, shows they have either not watched Rebels properly, or just didn’t watch it at all. The only ones enraged, from my point of view are the usual culprits, like Mike Zeroh, and those who think they are the ones who own the franchise, and they decide who is, or isn’t force sensitive, and those that outright don’t like anything Disney produces Star Wars related.

    It’s actually quite funny that these grown men, are getting all bent out of shape over a television show. A lot of what they say is outright nonsense, or they just don’t understand the genre and the capabilities of Jedi and what they can do.

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