Disney Souvenirs Banned After Terrifying Incident

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A woman wearing rose gold Minnie ears - a popular disney souvenir - in Fantasyland.

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Even after a long day at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, everyone wants to shop for a unique Disney souvenir! Every Disney Park and Disney Resort hotel offers hundreds of merchandise options for each family member.

The Disney Parks fan community is full of merch aficionados, with collections ranging from Spirit Jerseys to Mickey Ears, trading pins to Loungefly backpacks. But it’s easy to forget that not everyone keeps tabs on shopDisney releases – many families pick one special treat per vacation.

Reddit user u/TaraCosplay recently recalled that their thirteen year old brother carefully selected his Disney souvenir: a fuzzy Moose hat from the EPCOT World Showcase Canada Pavilion. He wore it proudly for the rest of the vacation… That is until it was banned forever.

canada pavilion entrance EPCOT
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At the time of this incident, Walt Disney World Resort still handed out paper FastPasses to guests at the entrance to each attraction. The family told the thirteen-year-old to sign up for a return time to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, then return to Star Traders in Tomorrowland.

“He goes off to get fast passes,” the guest wrote. “30 minutes go by and we are concerned. We decide to call him. His phone rings and it’s in my mom’s bag. None of us saw him leave his phone so we had no idea.”

“After a little longer (prob 45 mins) we split into 2 groups,” they continued. “1 group to sit at Star Trader and wait for my brother to return. Maybe he got lost. The others would go to Winnie the Pooh.”

winnie the pooh meet and greet disney world
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The Reddit user went to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, where they found the boy “crying and hyperventilating” to a Disney Cast Member, afraid he had lost his family.

“We walk over and asked him where the f#&@ he was and why he didn’t bring his phone and why he didn’t meet us at Star trader like we all talked about,” the guest said. “My brother says ‘oh all I heard was get Pooh passes. I can’t hear much of anything in this hat. I didn’t think I’d need my phone so I left it with you guys so I didn’t have to carry it.’”

The fuzzy hat made it so difficult for the young boy to hear his parents’ instructions that he was forbidden from wearing it ever again!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh disney attraction
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“He was then banned from wearing the moose hat forever by my family,” the guest concluded.

Thankfully, the family reunited in the end – and they got their Winnie the Pooh FastPasses!

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