‘Be Prepared’ For An All-New Scar Loungefly Collection

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Scar Loungefly Collection

Loungefly is bringing us a brand new collection featuring one of the best Disney villains of all time, Scar, from The Lion King. The new Loungefly collection features a mini backpack and a wallet. Both items will be coming in February so you have a bit of time to decide which one (or both) you wanted to buy.

Let’s take a look at the Scar Loungefly collection:

Scar Loungefly Mini Backpack

Scar Loungefly Backpack
Credit: Loungefly

We love the look of this backpack and the fact it features the infamous character along with his famous line, “I’m surrounded by idiots — A line that can only be delivered by the wonderful Jeremy Irons — is purrfect! The mini backpack is made of faux leather and features a top zipper closure, adjustable straps, matching themed lining, and embroidered details.

The backpack retails at $75 and you can pre-purchase this item here.

Scar Loungefly Wallet

Scar Loungefly wallet
Credit: Loungefly

The Scar wallet looks great and we love the fact you can see his ears sticking out the side of the wallet. The wallet also comes with a zipper that features Ed the hyena and is made from faux leather.

The Loungefly Scar wallet comes priced at $40 and you can pre-order this item here.

The Lion King

Credit: Disney

The Lion King has continued to be a massive success for the Walt Disney Company since the original animated movie was released back in 1994. The animated movies went onto receive a sequel (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride), a prequel/parallel (The Lion King 1 1/2)two animated shows (Timon and Pumbaa and The Lion Guard) and most recently, a live-action/animated remake in 2019. There’s no sign of it slowing down either with a live-action prequel to the 2019 movie currently in the works.

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Will you be buying anything from the Scar Loungefly collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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