Disney Park Issues Resort-Wide Parking Ban Effective Immediately

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Disneyland Paris, a Disney Park in France, is again in the spotlight following reports of a resort-wide parking ban, including Camping cars and allegedly motorhomes.

Credit: Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris Once Again Under Scrutiny After a Series of Misshapes

Disneyland Paris is again under scrutiny following reports of another ban coming to the Parks. Last month, the Disney Resort banned the usage of mobile phones for certain Passholders in terms of showing them to the Parks attendant to enter the Resort. But within 24 hours, the ban was lifted without reasoning, likely due to Disneyland Paris’s immense backlash from its Passholders. The ban’s reversal came after an uproar from the Passholder community voicing their concern over being turned away and prohibited from entering the Parks unless they had a physical copy of their passes. A photo released from DLP Report on Twitter showed an empty line outside of the entrance to the DLP Parks, showing how no Passholders showed up to renew and upgrade their current passes. But it sadly does not stop there.

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The biggest news of this Disney Resort was a few months ago when Disneyland Paris announced that its Cast Members would be striking indefinitely. The strike comes just weeks after Disney Cast Members at Walt Disney World reached a new deal with Unions and Disney regarding higher wages, leading this European Disney Park to follow suit. Disney Park even went as far as sending out a warning to Guests visiting the Park on the days of the strike, letting them know about the possibility of numerous disruptions throughout Disneyland Paris. Wait times for attractions throughout the Park reached new heights during the strike, leading to many angry and disappointed Guests on vacation. According to Thrill Data, the wait times for the most popular attractions at Disneyland Paris reached four times higher than usual earlier this summer and Spring. A list of attractions shutting down also came out for Guests wondering which rides will be available and which ones will be closed for refurbishment.

A Resort-wide parking ban has been issued effective immediately, including those who purposefully drive to Park in designated locations.

Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disneyland Paris Resort

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Disney Resort Issues Parking Ban, Clarification Needed From Disney

The DLP Report is your number-one news source regarding Disneyland Paris. Recently, a post was tweeted out from their account indicating another ban that is taking effect right now.

Per the official statement released by Disneyland Paris, rules have been updated to the Parks in Paris, which reminds Guests that parking is limited to daily visits and vehicles cannot be left overnight. It would appear that these same rules apply to camping cars, motorhomes, and more, which seems to fall in line with other Disney Parks like Disney World or Disneyland in the United States, which does not allow Guests driving camping cars or motorhome-type vehicles to Park overnight. A Twitter user replied to this statement and asked the following:

Does this sign mean the entire carpark or just the car parking guest area? There’s a whole section near the back for moterhomes, surely we’re still allowed to park there overnight?

– @im_treeee on Twitter

DLP Report responded to the tweet with the following statement:

I think Disney will have to clarify because it doesn’t sound like it.

Again, Disneyland Paris has yet to officially confirm the ban, including those who bring their camping cars or motorhome-type vehicles, something not seen before by any Disney Resort so far. Inside The Magic will follow this news and report and update when more information is released and available.

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