“Tone-Deaf,” Bob Iger Slammed for Ignoring Major Disney Issue

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When it was first announced that Bob Iger would be coming back to The Walt Disney Company and taking back over the role of CEO from Bob Chapek, Disney fans rejoiced. Chapek had taken over literally just before the 2020 pandemic hit, and had to navigate a worldwide pandemic, a global shutdown, and reopening with strict health and safety precautions. In the midst of that, there were several announcements about park changes, Disney+ was all-in on Marvel content, and overall, Chapek became a highly disliked leader of the company.

In November of last year, Iger announced he would be ending his retirement to take back control of the company from Chapek, leaving many fans excited and hopeful that it would be the end of annoying park reservations, the reimplementation of the Disney dining pass, and a return to classic Disney entertainment ahead of the company’s 100th anniversary.

Bob Iger (L) and Bob Chapek (R) at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
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Unfortunately, Iger has turned into the Disney villain to end all Disney villains, rolling out several of his own unpopular decisions and being front and center in the ongoing Hollywood strikes. As it was revealed that Iger has earned $27 million since returning to the company (and the exorbitant ways he spends his paycheck), it was also leaked that he was one of the driving forces behind the AMPTP refusing negotiations with the WGA and SAG strikers, calling their demands “unrealistic.”

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Recently, Iger took to X/Twitter to commend the Disney Aspire Program, which provides 100% paid-for education for hourly Disney employees, including park cast members.

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“So proud of the Disney Aspire program, which offers 100% paid education for eligible hourly employees. In five years, nearly 4000 current employees have graduated – and 3100 Disney Aspire students have been promoted within the company. Met several inspiring graduates at Disneyland today, who shared their amazing, life-changing stories”

While the success of the program is certainly something to be celebrated, Iger’s comments were full of people directing attention back to the strikes. “That’s amazing! Now time to pay writers and actors,” said @PeterSciretta, and his demand was echoed by dozens of other users. “Did they graduate in writing?” @Couch_Investor quipped. “Hey bob, you should pay the creative people responsible for your lavish lifestyle. Considering you are not creative or remotely inspiring and your livelihood depends on those who are,” @boho_boys stated.

Writers picketing in front of the entrance of Walt Disney Company Writers Strike, WGA Strike
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In the Disney Company Q3 Earnings Call, Iger attempted some minor damage control, stating that he wants the strikes to end as much as everyone else and that “nothing is more important to this company than its relationships with the creative community” which he explained included actors, writers, directors, producers, and animators.

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The strikes still have not concluded as the writers head into their fourth month of protests and studios have continued to delay projects like Dune: Part Two (2024) and Deadpool 3 (2024). Public opinion of Iger has continued to decline, with some even calling for his resignation as the controversies continue to pile up.

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