Disney Fans Compare Las Vegas MSG Sphere to EPCOT Ball

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Epcot at night

Credit: Disney

Las Vegas, Nevada’s newest venue is the fascinating and impossible-looking MSG Sphere, set to open on September 29 with a set of 25 performances by famous band U2; it has been the source of a lot of online chatter recently, as it just began showing off its biggest feature – besides the world’s tallest Ferris wheel – a giant screen fully covering the entire outside of the spherical building.

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Some of the chatter, though, surprisingly, has not been about the giant basketball projections or recent spectacular 4th of July show, but about Disney’s EPCOT.

We’re sure you can connect the dots yourself: Big spherical building that puts on a show -> Spaceship Earth (or, as it is being referred to in this instance, the “EPCOT ball”).

The comparisons were immediate – and some were also hilarious. User @hamjenkinsIII said:

Me at Epcot: This edible ain’t nothing smh

Epcot: [a video of the MSG Sphere slowly rippling like water, before pulling back in places and revealing an underwater world]

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Meanwhile, after one user joked about what it would look like if the MSG Sphere experienced an error and had to restart, another, @vinny_toon, imagined what it would look like if the same thing were to happen to Spaceship Earth:


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@Mickey_Central appears to be among the first to have made the comparison on Twitter, positing that the MSG Sphere would be what Spaceship Earth would have looked like if it had opened this year.

The video and the tweet showed the Sphere as it displayed a sort of desktop screensaver animation, with reddish-orange flecks spiraling over a black background.

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What If EPCOT Made Spaceship Earth Like the MSG Sphere?

The Disney-themed Twitter account may have a point: If the technology had been available, we do not doubt that Disney Imagineers would have considered putting a dynamic screen over the large centerpiece of EPCOT. They could have displayed the image of a planet on it during the day and transformed it at night to be part of their fireworks show.

They could also change it for specific events, like the Food & Wine Festival, to highlight what’s going on in different parts of EPCOT on the globe – for example, over Germany, they could show a picture or video of their Bratwurst on a Pretzel Roll with Mustard, or their Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce.

Of course, there’s no changing Spaceship Earth now – that giant golf ball is an icon, and there would surely be mass outrage at any attempt to rehaul it that completely.

Still, it’s fun to imagine.

What else could they do with a giant spherical screen at the center of EPCOT? Do you think Disney could put one somewhere else? Let Inside the Magic know what you think down in the comments.

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