Universal Studios Facing Lawsuit Over “Blatant Racism,” Report Says

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Universal Studios Hollywood sign. Image by masbebet christianto from Pixabay

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Universal was put in hot water and is reportedly facing legal action after blatant racism sparked controversy.

2023 is not the kindest year for Universal Studios. While the company recently shocked fans with a long-awaited announcement, Universal Studios is facing severe backlash online after engaging in illegal activities and is now being put in hot water by none other than the freelance “bio-exorcist,” Beetlejuice.

Universal Studios Hollywood globe with Guests around it
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Since a sequel to the 1988 Tim Burton movie was first announced, Beetlejuice has been on everyone’s lips for numerous reasons, including the rumored participation of beloved actor Johnny Depp — who recently concerned fans after being found passed out in a hotel room. Now, the “bio-exorcist” has sparked another controversy, this time, at one of Universal’s theme parks.

Per a recent report, a family is suing Universal Studios after an employee dressed as Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice ruined their experience minutes after entering Universal Studios Hollywood.

Marisol McGee, a Latino woman, reportedly posed with the iconic Universal Studios character near the main entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood while her husband John McGee, an African-American man, took the photo, and Dylan McGee, the couple’s mixed-race minor boy, watched. The family alleges that, in the picture, Beetlejuice displayed the racist, offensive White Power hand gesture, a symbol used to express hatred towards a segment of the population based upon a person’s race, ethnicity, color, and national origin.

Michael Keaton in 'Beetlejuice' (1988)
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The report didn’t state what compensation the family is seeking with the lawsuit or any developments on the case.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time one of Universal’s characters has put the company in hot water. Inside the Magic reported on an employee being fired from Universal Orlando Resort after a similar incident arose, causing outrage online due to the blatant racism shown by the theme park employee.

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