Twitter Already Has A Clear Favorite on ‘The Bachelorette’

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xavier helping charity knit on the bachelorette episode 3

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Only three episodes have aired on this season of ABC’s reality dating series The Bachelorette. Still, fans on Twitter have already picked a clear favorite – and they also know who needs to go.

As User Shane McKeon put it: “Why stress over the 24yo immature b**ch baby baby when you have an UNBOTHERED KNITTING BIOMEDICAL KING studying autoimmune diseases inspired by his MOTHER.”

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Bachelorette Charity Lawson may have been concerned with meeting every guy on her first evening in the mansion. Still, Twitter thought she was too concerned with the wrong guys – namely Brayden Bowers, the guy causing all the drama.

Brayden Bowers is Causing Problems on ‘The Bachelorette’

Fan Lauren Weiss succinctly summed up why fans were repelled by Brayden’s vibes: The dangly statement earrings, the chapstick, and most importantly, the bad attitude all come together to make this man “the ick.”

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Of course, the real ick comes from Brayden’s on-screen behavior. The 24-year-old baby expressed on the one-on-one date that he feels weird about dating a woman who’s also dated “20 of his friends,” which is A) a weird way to refer to a house full of guys who, at best, tolerate you, B) very Jonah Hill of him (and we do not mean that as a compliment), and C) the whole point of the show he signed up for.

The drama continued at the cocktail party, where Adrian essentially tattled on Brayden for saying similar things to the guys – which bafflingly got him sent home, but not Brayden. Despite all the teasing about him losing a rose, he kept it; the obvious drama plant gets to stay another day.

Meanwhile, fans wonder why Charity is ignoring her real, apparent king.

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Real Fans Are Xavier Stans

Even though he’s barely been on screen, Bachelorette fans are falling head-over-heels for 27-year-old Xavier Bonner, who gifted Charity a scarf that he knit himself at the end of the latest episode. Xavier is a graduate student getting his Master’s in biomedical science. His mother, who suffers from one herself, inspired him to study autoimmune diseases. He also built his gaming computer, and, of course, he knits.

With the full package sitting right in front of her, fans wonder why Charity is wasting her time with an immature, barely-able-to-legally-drink guy like Brayden when there is a genius king there making her gifts and staying out of all the drama.

We can only hope this is one of those situations where the producers are whispering in Charity’s ear from behind the scenes, and as things get more serious and less silly, she’ll finally be allowed to drop Brayden. Viewers will finally get to see a one-on-one date with a real winner, not the sleepy guy from the Wiggles.


We’re sure there will be plenty more serious drama when that happens – and hopefully by then, Brayden will be long, long gone. This is how it usually goes: The Bachelor or Bachelorette pares down the boring ones first, then they finally get rid of the ones who are annoying everyone in the audience (and the house) to death.

Who do you think is going to win this season of The Bachelorette? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below.

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