Fresh Eyes Friday: Do Disneyland Like a Bachelorette

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The gentlemen had their turn, and now it’s time for the ladies to plan a memorable and photographable weekend of fun at Disneyland. Whether you’re celebrating an upcoming wedding or just partying with your girls, make your lady time at the Mouse House equal parts sugar and spice.

Straight off: bellinis. Do not mess around when it comes to starting your time together like civilized ladyfolk do, with peach nectar and champagne. You don’t even have to be inside the gates to get your a.m. beverages flowing. Just stop at La Brea Bakery for a sip and a toast to all the ruckus you’re going to be causing as you prance through the parks.

And speaking of being in charge of this weekend, you’ll need some other essentials in place right away as well. Make your first stop inside Disneyland at Crystal Arts on Mainstreet. There you can purchase the tiaras, crystal scepters, and the like that you’ll need. Princess accouterments should be considered basics for a Disneyfied lady weekend – but you probably already knew that. You’ll also know, then, that a second stop to Fairy Tale Treasures could also be in order. Sashes, gloves, and princesses purses know no age limits (at least not during this weekend), so load up!

Do it.
Definitely whirl in like an estrogen tornado so the cute little kids won’t know what hit ’em.

Your fairytale accessories will shine atop the carefully-chosen DisneyBound outfits you’ve already donned. Perhaps you’ve put together ensembles such as these?




Whatever you choose, style something that reflects your personal brand of girl power, whether that’s sweetly Briar Rose-y or magnificently Maleficent. Or, if you’re part of a bridal ensemble, let the queen appoint her court, and come in outfits she chooses. Also, once you’re all dolled up, a photoshoot is definitely in order. We like Fantasy Faire as a location. It’s less crowded than the castle and as a bonus, you’re conveniently near princess meet-and-greets! Selfie time!

The best princess is Rapunzel.

Now. A bite to eat. No poison apples for you, dearies. Instead get a morning snack at the Jolly Holiday Bakery. It’s quaint, ladylike, and stuffed to the lattices with carbs! You’ll need some energy to get you around Disneyland, after all. Don’t be shy! Spoonful of sugar and all that.

Jolly Holiday Bakery_-X2
Choose wisely. The offerings are NOT totally the same on both sides, so make sure you get a good look at all your options.

When you’re sweetened up, move your party into Tomorrowland. It’s time to mix and mingle! Specifically, it’s time to “meet and greet” (in quotes for extra sauciness) Thor and Captain America. There will probably be at least one girl in your group who’d love to get all giggly in the presence of the crown prince of Asgard and the symbol of courage himself. Maybe it’s the bride to be. Whoever it is, make sure you get a ton of photos, preferably ones with the heroes all flummoxed by your tangy wit. You’ve got this.

Get him to take his helmet off.
Hello, soldier!

Next, refuel with some lunch in a pretty spot. We love the Plaza Inn or River Belle for sheer visuals, particularly on the inside. They’re pink and lacy and floral, and they both have indoor/outdoor seating options.

Then, it’s parade time! Make sure you get good seats, because you won’t just be watching characters float past you this time. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to collect as many polite waves, princely bows, and blown kisses from Disney’s princes as possible. Make it a friendly competition. A wave gets one point, a bow two points, and a blown kiss three points. Any attention from Gaston or Hans is negative points (ew!).

Tiana gets that dress AND Prince Naveen. Lucky!
The proud owner of six or seven dogs.

Play against each other or, if it’s too tough to tell the intended recipient of these gestures, as a group. Whatever happens, celebrate your efforts with a post-parade visit to Gibson Girl for some ice cream treats in a feminine paradise, and be sure to take a victory selfie.

Say yes to the choco-dipped cones with sprinkles.

When it feels like dinner is an hour or two away, start making your way through Downtown Disney toward the Disneyland Hotel. You’ve got two stops to make. First, grab yourselves a little appetizer at Marceline Confectionary; it’s a long walk. Next, make a pit stop at Sephora for a touch-up with some of your fave beauty products and perfumes. The lounge at Steakhouse 55 needs to see you with your lipstick and your winged eyeliner on point, not to mention be gently baffled by your intoxicating scents.

Once you hit the lounge, order a round of French 75s to sip while you hold court on your chaise in the corner (alert: photo op). Stay in the lounge for dinner and as long as you like. If you want to train to other locations, try Uva Bar and the Jazz Kitchen.

Just pretend it’s dark in here.

Crash at the Grand Californian if it’s a special occasion or at the Anaheim Hilton if you and your girls do this all the time. Either way, before it’s time to play Sleeping Beauties, go for a night swim or soak in the hotel hot tub. Then turn your phones to do not disturb and don’t set any morning alarms.

The Anaheim Hilton has a busy lobby bar after dark.
Spring for a suite if you can!

When you’re up and moving for the day, order room service for breakfast and call down for some salon appointments. Both the Grand Californian and the Anaheim Hilton offer nail services, so it’s relaxing manis and pedis for you and your entourage before you get into any real shenanigans for the day.

Deep breaths.

Ready for DCA? Start your park day with a shopping trip down Buena Vista Street. If you stay in a Disneyland Resort property hotel, you can have your purchases sent back to the hotel gift shop for you to pick up later. If you’re off property, you can still have your items held at the front of the park until close, when you can pick them up on your way out. Be sure to stop into Elias & Co. for of-the-moment fashions and accessories.

It’s almost past lunch, so step to one of the two girl-group-themed restaurants in the park. Fiddler, Fifer & Practical is a tribute to the “Silver Lake Sisters,” a fictional 1920s trio, while Flo’s V8 honors the 1950s-era “Motorama Girls,” of which Flo herself was the lead singer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.40.24 PM
Ladies and gentlemen, the Silver Lake Sisters.

After lunch, get your chocolate fix at Ghiradelli.

Free samples are nice, but the sundaes are even better – and worth the hefty price tag.

DCA has less to offer the girly girls in your group, but there’s still the Frozen Sing-Along with Anna and Elsa, if you can stomach it. With Disney princesses and group karaoke, you can cover your ladies’ night bases efficiently. You might even be able to sneak in some margs from Rita’s Baja Blenders. Bring a big purse.

Their bond is so unbreakable, just like yours and your lady friends’.

No worries if you failed with the margaritas. Just head over to Mendocino Terrace for some wine tasting. They’ve even got soda and sparkling juice for those not into the booze. Take your time. Nod to each other over the cheese plate. Enjoy the stone patio, the trellises, and the music you’d never listen to otherwise but that seems just right for wine tasting. In short, make some memories with your friends. And take a picture with the cute wine pourer!

Cheers to sugar and spice and everything nice!

When you finally notice how the afternoon has slipped into evening, move the fun over to the Diamond Mad T Party. It’s time to finally get dancing in celebration of your friends, your special weekend, and the good things in life. Cheers!

When in doubt, dance it out.


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