Pulling Off a Disney World Vacation Without Kids

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No, Disney vacations aren’t just for children, as any fun-loving Disney Adult parent will proudly attest to.

Even so, you may wonder, “Is Disney World closed to adult travelers hoping to vacation here without any kiddos?” Of course not, despite all the recent rumors being floated about on the Internet! While it’s true that both Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, were initially established with a focus on families with kids in mind, these venues and Disney destinations worldwide present mutually magical experiences to folks of any age, interest, or group size. There are even Disney vacation packages that cater exclusively to adults on honeymoons. This is understandable given how all the most current reports from world news today confirm that Disney World is forever making the list of top 10 honeymoon spots on Earth.

If you yourself are eyeing Disney World for an adult-exclusive getaway, we at Inside the Magic have just the thing to help you out! It’s a source guide packed with fun ideas, suggested activities, and helpful advice for the ultimate adults-only Disney vacation.

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Establish Your Me Time—We Time Itinerary

First things first—you should always have a working game plan in place. This is sound advice for any Disney vacation, as winging things never works. In this case, however, you’ll want to prioritize all those things you’ve always wanted to do but never could, likely because you were too busy putting the kids’ wants and desires ahead of your own. Well, here’s your opportunity to seize the moment and make it all about you.

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Go When School’s in Session

Planning your visit to Disney World for a time that coincides with the school year is optimal for those looking to experience reduced crowds and fewer children out and about. Of course, you need to remember that this is Disney, after all, and you’re bound to be in the presence of children any time you go. And then, don’t forget about the scholastic calendars for international visitors, which may differ depending on the season. All the same, you’d do well to plan your vacation between September and November or January through early May. Those looking for off-season travel rates and more moderate temperatures should consider a mid-winter getaway once all the holiday festivities wrap up.

Book Your Perfect Resort

It’s always preferable to stay on property, at a Disney Resort specifically. Doing so does, after all, come with an array of advantages. But you may alternately opt for a Good Neighbor Resort or book accommodations close to bustling Disney Springs (especially if you have a car and won’t miss the complimentary transportation perks). All the same, it’s finally up to YOU on where YOU want to stay.

Perhaps you’ve previously only stayed at a Value Resort with the kids, catering to their interest in overt and oversized Character icons. Now you may want to consider splurging at a Luxury Resort. We’re not suggesting that small parties of adults should book grand Deluxe Villas—that would, of course, be a waste. But a party of two can find many advantages even in a standard room at a Deluxe Resort. Consider the convenience of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, for instance, with its overall quality, excellent location, and all those onsite amenities at your disposal. Or how about those unique Tower Studios for two hidden within Disney’s Riviera Resort?

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Enjoy Leisurely Resort Activities

There’s no need to spend all your time doing high-energy activities in the Parks, like Character Dance Parties, Meet and Greets/signings, and standing by idly for other time-wasting events your kids are having a blast pursuing. You should embrace all those laid-back, leisurely activities awaiting you at your Resort. Of course, you know Disney Resorts have swimming at every designation, but depending on where you’re staying, you’ll find plenty of other easy-going endeavors worth pursuing too.

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Drinking Around the World

Here’s some spirited proof that Disney isn’t exclusively catering to children. You’ll find a host of unique libations to try at just about any Disney World location now. But EPCOT, which has long been known for its annual International Food & Wine Festival, is still the place to go for the ultimate drink flights—even when said Festival isn’t going on. Given its impressive World Showcase, comprising 11 distinct international pavilions, many like to embark on what’s called “Drinking Around the World.” It’s pretty self-explanatory as to what it entails; you venture to each Pavilion and try out a unique international beverage concoction. As a note to those not keen on sipping 11 different alcoholic samplings, you may alternately perform Drinking Around the World with virgin offerings as well.

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Go on a Monorail Bar Crawl

Disney EPCOT tickets must be purchased, and Park reservations must be made before you can pursue the aforementioned Drinking Around the World activity. But there is an alternate option that doesn’t require any tickets or reservations—just some exciting Resort-hopping to the most acclaimed Disney Deluxe Resorts along the Walt Disney Monorail Line. For this, you’ll want to start at the Transportation and Ticket Center and take the Express Monorail, which stops at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian, and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

At Stop One, you’ll disembark at the Contemporary, where you can sip some savory samplings from Outer Rim, the Steakhouse 71 Lounge, and the California Grill Lounge. Then it’s on to the Grand Floridian to try out offerings at the Beauty and the Beast-themed Enchanted Rose Lounge and/or Citricos Lounge. Lastly, you’ll continue to the Polynesian to sip some lively libations at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and then check out the options at Tambu Lounge.

Dine Where You Want

 With no kids in attendance, there’s no need to reduce most of your dining options to primarily quick-service venues (unless that’s what you enjoy). This is your chance to invest in some refined, romantic pursuits at some of those stellar signature establishments you never thought you’d get to.

While it’s true that kids and adults alike enjoy most Character Dining engagements, this may be your chance to distinguish between which Character Meals to delight in. For instance, there is a world of difference in dining with beloved Disney Characters for lunch or dinner at Hollywood & Vine at Hollywood Studios instead of going there for breakfast with all those Disney Junior Characters you probably can’t even identify!

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Outings on the Water

Relaxing on the water can be a peaceful endeavor indeed. It’s a great way to enjoy quiet time away from all the hyperactivity of the Parks. And there are many riparian pastimes you can opt for, including the ever-popular pontoon rentals available at nearly every marina in Disney World. If you like kayaking and canoeing, you can do so onsite at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds. Or, for a truly unique sightseeing experience via a vintage Amphicar-style boat, head on over to Disney Springs!

Spend Time at Disney Springs

There is, of course, much more to do at Disney Springs than going on a sightseeing tour on the water. There’s all that great shopping and dining onsite, not to mention all the live music and impressive nightlife scene, in addition. There are also great alternate entertainment offerings, including the AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs Theater and the Cirque de Soleil: Drawn to Life live performance show.

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Enjoy Live Music and Entertainment Elsewhere

Disney Springs isn’t the only place to enjoy live entertainment at Disney World. You’ll find plenty of options throughout the theme parks, various Resorts, and over at Disney’s impressive BoardWalk promenade. EPCOT always has something fun and lively at the American Gardens Theatre, and the United Kingdom Pavilion boasts an impressive band onsite to entertain onlookers in complimentary evening performances. Resorts like Disney’s Port Orleans—French Quarter and Riverside also offer live music on select nights.

Sign Up for Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Have you ever considered embarking on a behind-the-scenes tour? Many span hours and come with age limits—two turnoffs for child participation in particular but can be fun for those who know how to appreciate them. Some of our highest recommendations include Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour, Behind the Seeds, Caring for Giants, Up Close with Rhinos, the Wild Africa Trek, and several others.

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Do Still Enjoy the Theme Parks!

Don’t get so caught up in adulting that you forget to enjoy the Disney World theme parks themselves. After all, the total cost for Disney Parks tickets will always be less for adult parties of one or two members than for entire families with kids in attendance. Sometimes while waiting in line for an attraction, a Cast Member may specifically call out for parties of two to fill a final seating space, meaning you get to bypass larger groups ahead of you. All in all, it cannot be denied that doing Disney Parks without kids can be far more fun than you ever realized.

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Do you have any additional suggestions or ideas for vacationing at Disney World without kids? Let us know in the comments.

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