Disney World Park Shut Down, Closed For Foreseeable Future

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Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

Credit: @bioreconstruct

One iconic Disney World theme park is still closed.

Sparse Walt Disney World crowds, shown on Main Street at Magic Kingdom.
Credit: Inside the Magic

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Everybody knows that the Walt Disney World is full of incredible rides, attractions, food, and live entertainment. From Magic Kingdom to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Guests will be able to have fun no matter which Park they visit.

However, some Guests may not realize that the Walt Disney World Resort also features two amazing water parks, perfect for the hot summer months.

blizzard beach view of summit plummet from melt away bay
Credit: Disney

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Guests looking to chill by the pool or enjoy massive water slides can enjoy Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. These incredible water parks both feature fun rides, great snacks, and an amazing atmosphere.

However, only one of these Parks is currently open, that being Typhoon Lagoon. Since 2020, only one water park has ever operated at one time, meaning Guests only have one option when choosing which water park to visit.

This has continued to today, with Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon being the only water park open while Blizzard Beach is undergoing a refurbishment.

Over the last few months, we’ve been updating you on the progress of the closed Park, with each week revealing a little more information on the closed Park. Down below, you can see ski lift chairs that are staged in the parking lot, thanks to a beautiful photo by bioreconstruct:

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We hope that the two water parks will one day return to normal operation, allowing Guests to visit both on the same day. Until then, stay tuned here at Inside the Magic for all details on this refurbishment!

Last year, Disney’s Blizzard Beach received a major upgrade, with Disney adding themed elements from its Frozen franchise to the Park. Guests could now enjoy new areas dedicated to the iconic animated films, including statues of Anna and Elsa.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach also features one of Walt Disney World’s scariest attractions, Summit Plummet. This massive water slide propels Guests down 120 feet at a whopping 60 miles per hour.

Have you ever been to a water park at Walt Disney World?

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