Disney Parks Totally Empty After Crowds Vanish

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Credit: @donaldo0609

The Disney Parks are continuing to be quite empty, to the surprise of many.

Tokyo Disney Resort's Cinderella Castle in summer
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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Though there are many different Disney theme parks and resorts located across the globe, one thing unites them all: crowds.

Whether you’re visiting Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World in Florida, you can bet your Mickey Ears that crowds will be your number one issue, aside from the high cost of a Disney vacation of course .

However, the Disney Parks, most notably the Walt Disney World Resort, have seemed inexplicably empty, leaving many fans wondering where everyone went.

Magic Kingdom looking empty
Credit: @innoventioneast via Twitter

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The Walt Disney World hit record-low attendance numbers over the month of July, with crowds being their lowest in a decade. Disneyland crowds have been more steady, though there have been times when the Parks were more empty than normal.

Since this historic low, crowds have slowly started pouring back into “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” However, this trend has carried over to the Tokyo Disney Resort, which was left unusually empty over the weekend.

A few photos of the low crowds were taken by Guests, who shared their discoveries online:

As you can see, there was a line of Guests at the main castle entrance, but Guests vanished from everywhere else.

The areas surrounding Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain were very empty as well:

As for what’s causing the drop in crowds, we aren’t entirely sure, though we’re not saying low crowds are a bad thing. Many Guests plan their Disney trips so that they’ll encounter the smallest amount of Guests possible.

The summertime is usually one of Disney’s biggest seasons, with families embarking on their dream vacations while kids are out of school, making Walt Disney World’s low crowds that much more peculiar.

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