Fan Calls Out “Desperate” Disney World Attraction

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Historical photo of John Progress the animatronic.

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Fans shared their opinions on a “desperate” attraction at Walt Disney World.

Sparse Walt Disney World crowds, shown on Main Street at Magic Kingdom.
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The Walt Disney World is absolutely full of iconic and beloved attractions, ranging from thrilling adventures through the dark on Space Mountain to slow-moving dark rides like Pirates of the Caribbean. While nearly every ride at “The Most Magical Place on Earth” can be considered classic in some way or another, Magic Kingdom has the most legendary collection of “classic” rides out of the four Parks.

At Magic Kingdom, Guests will find an incredible assortment of themed lands, all of which feature some truly unique rides, attractions, and experiences. The stunning list includes Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and of course, Tomorrowland.

While each of these lands is impressive in its own right, Tomorrowland may be the most impressive.

Tomorrowland - Disney World
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Tomorrowland features the previously mentioned Space Mountain as well as Walt Disney World’s newest ride, TRON Lightcycle/Run. However, Tomorrowland also features one of Walt Disney Imagineering’s most beloved creations: Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is as entertaining as it is air-conditioned. Taking Guests on a tour through the progress of electricity, travel, cooking, cleaning, and general American life, this attraction will be sure to please those looking for a fun time as well as something that is educational.

Each scene of the attraction takes Guests through different decades of American history, specifically in the average household. The final scene may be the most divisive part of the attraction and takes place in the future. Several issues arise from this choice, primarily with how it depicts what “the future” will actually look like.

Because of the outdated final scene, many fans have voiced their opinions and concerns regarding the attraction’s future.

carousel of progress exterior
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Recently, a discussion was sparked after a Guest shared their feelings regarding Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. The post was titled: “The Carousel of Progress is in desperate need of a revamp,” and dozens of fans chimed in with their thoughts.

“I disagree, I think the last scene is where we are at today,” said one fan. “I’d agree, it needs a revamp again. The other scenes are fine, for obvious reasons, but this particular scene needs some TLC,” said another.

Some fans were firmly against the idea of revamping the final scene. “No. No touch!,” said one fan.

carousel of progress
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Whether you agree or not, there’s no denying the impact that Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress has left on the theme park industry as a whole.
While some may prefer to go for more thrilling rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, there will always be a special place in our hearts for this unique show/attraction hybrid at the Magic Kingdom.
What do you think? Do you agree? What’s your favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom?

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