Disney Parks Character Makes Grown Woman Cry

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The Character Meet and Greets are essential to any Disney Park visit. Disneyland and Walt Disney World have a cast of animated friends that Guests can mix and mingle with across the property. Although their “fur characters” like Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are at the forefront of the experience, the “face characters” definitely deserve some serious recognition.

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The face characters must look, act, and behave like their movie counterparts, including how they interact with the Guests. While characters like Snow White, Tiana, and Aladdin might welcome visitors with open arms, villains not only get away with being mean to Guests, they’re expected to. That said, sometimes, it can go too far.

Disney Parks Character Faces Backlash for Doing Her Job

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When it comes to Meet and Greets, Disney’s villains are a bit of a rarity. Except for special events like Halloween and other celebrations, there are only a few regular appearances from the studio’s batch of bad guys. However, Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters can almost always be found in the Magic Kingdom.

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Anastasia and Drizzella aren’t exactly the wickedest characters in the Park or the movie, but they’re expected to be over-the-top, obnoxious, and silly. One former Cast Member shared an incident that might have taken things a little over the edge.


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@magicalgirlmelanie is a former Disney Parks performer, and she recently shared a story of what happens when a Disney villain gets a little too mean. Keep in mind, this was all entirely in character and no rules were broken. That said, is there a limit to how accurate the character performers should be?

Granted, from what the creator shared, it sounds like this was essentially a minor offense and that the Guest was reportedly overly sensitive. Still, it does present something of an unfair standard.

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It’s easy to see how some (especially younger) Guests can be a bit overwhelmed by the characters, particularly the masked ones. However, should they be surprised when one of Disney’s villains behaves like a villain? Seems like this performer was just sticking to the script.

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