Disney Attendance Drops as New Theme Park Attraction Opens

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Disney Parks have a new international contender in Bali

Credit: Inside the Magic

Prices for Disney Park attendance surge. Meanwhile, there is a new, more affordable, attraction that aims to completely disrupt the industry.

Oasis Garden, the Bali theme park that impacts Disney Theme Park attendance
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Disney Attendance Keeps Plummeting

There is a high cost of living crisis; higher Disney park prices are a symptom of a cost of living issue. Reports show that attendance at everywhere from Magic Kingdom to Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando is down. It’s easy to line up a crowd calendar with trends in politics, but at a point, Walt Disney World stopped being the only victim of theme park attendance issues.

Because of these high costs, park travelers making a touring plan are turning their attention overseas. There is many a park that can incorporate the Themed Entertainment Association, in every continent. So which park is attempting to dethrone Mickey Mouse and take Disney World attendance down further? None other than WaterBom Bali.

American Heartland Theme Park
Credit: American Heartland Theme Park

International Options Disrupt Disney Park Attendance

In the United States, a trip costs approximately $4,000 per week on a park vacation. Their average traveler spends $2,400 USD for a complete Bali vacation that usually spans over a week, per the official tourism site. Effectively, that means spending $8,000 USD for a domestic touring plan, whether to Universal Studios Florida or Walt Disney World.

Many show interest in sustainable travel, largely due to the affordability it promotes and the opportunity for adventure. It’s hurting Disney Park attendance as reports show a steady 6.8% year-over-year increase in the international Bali tourism sector. That’s thanks in large part to the affordability, but also to its theme park, WaterBom.

Bali park set to disrupt Disney attendance
Credit: Inside the Magic | WaterBom

Bali’s Oasis Gardens: Sustain to Maintain

It’s around $23 USD to pay the price to attend WaterBom. Just like Disney theme parks, it aims to draw in visitors through high-value, low-cost theme park attractions. To add this quality, Oasis Gardens is slated to go public on August 1, 2023. One result of a Disney Park attendance analysis is putting the entire theme park enterprise under the microscope.

This includes everything from the cost of tickets at Walt Disney World Resort to the sustainability efforts the Disney Park puts into its business. Travelers increasingly seek sustainability, and that impacts theme park attendance. The more sustainable something is, the more affordable it is for travelers.

American Heartland Theme Park
Credit: American Heartland Theme Park

Making a Dent in Disney Theme Park Attendance

Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, and Walt Disney World might make some efforts towards sustainability, but the company prioritizes innovation. Universal Studios Japan is a popular example of an international touring plan that factors in sustainability, but the Oasis Gardens feature in Bali goes the extra mile.

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Disney theme park attendance diminished thanks to eco-friendly options
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Prioritizing Disney Theme Park Initiatives

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been knee-deep in a maelstrom of PR nightmares; price hikes precede eco-friendliness. Bali’s solution is to bank on “karmic returns” from their zero-loss runoff minimization, waste management, and transparency.

It’s a major move that impacts any Disney Park enthusiast, especially those planning an international trip to a park. Opening on August 1, the Oasis Gardens promises more food, attractions, and fun, in a bid to grow attendance numbers for Bali and the park itself.

Do you plan vacations around Disney magic or bang for your buck? Any advice for Bali travelers? Make yourself heard in the comments down below!

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