DeSantis Board Isn’t “Defunding Police” in Disney World

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Battle between Ron DeSantis and Disney World

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“Under the proposed budget, the police are fully funded,” confirmed a spokesperson for the board that oversees the Walt Disney World property.

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False: Report Shows DeSantis Defunding Disney Police is Inaccurate

There were claims that DeSantis was defunding Disney police. “The DeSantis board overseeing Walt Disney World looks to defund law enforcement to pay for lawsuits,” user Christopher Heath said.

But according to a report from the news outlet Florida First, an official spokesperson for the governing board denied that DeSantis was defunding police in the Sunshine State. It debunks claims that DeSantis is defunding Florida police and targeting Disney and the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

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Truth: Response From Florida Tourism Board Says DeSantis Not Defunding Disney

The clarifier came when an official went on record about who is in on the Reedy Creek, Walt Disney World, and DeSantis defunding Disney rumors. In reality, law enforcement isn’t something that’s isolated across the state. Consider the variety of law enforcement Disney guests encounter at Walt Disney World.

There are the police that respond to the scene, and DeSantis is not taking that away from the Reedy Creek Improvement District. That would mean leaving citizens vulnerable and brings up significant liability issues for Florida Gov Ron DeSantis. Real crime is an issue, and the risk of defunding would outweigh any rewards.

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What Really Happened: DeSantis (not) Defunding Disney Police Clarified

Central Florida alone, where the alleged DeSantis defunding Disney is taking place, has many different versions of law enforcement. The New York Times delves into how the police budget breaks down but effectively says that there is no singular approach to law enforcement.  Consider federal agents, security guards, state troopers, and police. There is a high diversity of agencies overseeing the safety of Floridians, especially at Disney World.

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Police Defunding Versus Private Disney Security

The Reedy Creek Improvement District is a subject of contention for Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, but the Florida Governor doesn’t control all law enforcement in the area. It’s easy to see any police budget change as a stab at the Walt Disney Company theme park, but in reality, only one thing happened: tax dollars won’t go towards police working off-duty at Disney in the capacity of private security.

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Disney remains vigilant about its Walt Disney World security and that of all its Disney properties. Central Florida is a hot spot for contention, but it isn’t a safety concern. Disney properties remain under the protection of the police, and that includes law enforcement at Walt Disney World and any other Disney properties in the region.

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