Tim Allen Returns for Upcoming Disney Project Despite Controversy

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Tim Allen in a gray button up smiles next to Buzz Lightyear at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Credit: Disney

Tim Allen is a major name in the Disney studios.

From Buzz Lightyear to Santa Clause, he’s become a staple in beloved Disney movies over the last several decades. A fifth Toy Story movie is in the works, even as Lightyear (2022) bombed at the box office. Lightyear was Disney’s attempt at an in-universe backstory for the popular character, a product tie-in for the Buzz Lightyear toys shown throughout the first and second Toy Story movies. Rather than bringing Allen back to voice the titular character, Captain America actor Chris Evans took on the helmet.

Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) in 'Lightyear'
Credit: Disney/Pixar

After the failure experienced by the studio, Allen has recently confirmed he’s been brought back on to lend his voice once again to Buzz for the fifth film. The news was met with mixed responses due to Allen’s conservative views and insensitive comments made in recent years. Allen has caused some controversy due to his anti-LGBTQ+ jokes, especially in the wake of recent anti-trans and LGBTQ+ bills spreading across the country.

Toy Story Woody (left) and Buzz Lightyear (right)
Credit: Disney / Pixar

Despite his political and social views, however, it seems as though Disney is willing to move past his personal opinions for a second season of Disney+’s The Santa Clauses. The series is produced by Tim Allen and focuses on Santa/Scott Calvin’s family, including his wife and their two children, after the events of The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006).

tim allen and David Krumholtz in the santa claus
Credit: Disney

The first season of the show introduced new lore to the concept of Santa Clause, reinventing the character, and introducing a Santa multi-verse. While some fans didn’t appreciate some of the jokes included throughout the show or Allen’s insistence that the show focuses on the Christ aspect of “Christ-mas,” overall, it performed well on the streaming service. It was renewed for a second season, which has officially been announced to release later this year.

Tim Allen and cast in 'The Santa Clause 3'
Credit: Disney

As part of the final set of announcements from Disney during their “Halfway to the Holidays” event, the studio announced that the second season would be released sometime “this holiday season.” An actual release date or information on what fans can expect from the second season are yet to be revealed.

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