‘Secret Invasion’ Review: The Avengers-Level Threat Returns

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Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson

Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion is the next series introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will debut on Disney+ on June 21. Here is our spoiler-less review of the new Marvel series.

Emilia Clark and Ben Mendelsohn in 'Secret Invasion'
Credit: Marvel Studios

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It has been a long time since the MCU has taken things in a darker direction, especially regarding the shows produced for Disney+. The last two shows were She-Hulk and Ms.Marvel. Both were meant to bring more humor and fun nature to the world of Marvel, which worked out splendidly.

However, Secret Invasion is here to remind us that though there are a lot of jokes being cracked in practically every Marvel property, there is also a huge threat looming in the universe.

For those who have paid attention to the TV spots and trailers for the series, you know that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) has returned after a long time away from Earth. However, the Fury that has returned differs significantly from the one that Marvel fans are used to. Much like the other characters we have fallen in love with, the Blip has also taken its toll on the man.

Fury appears to be a shell of his former self, which is saying something. However, this could all be an act. Fury might allude to being old, not just because he is physically and figuratively in the MCU. He could appear older than expected so that the Skrulls will be thrown off.

What is excellent about Jackson’s performance is that we see a far more vulnerable Nick Fury. Though Fury is not a superhero per se, he appears far more human for the first time in the MCU. Secret Invasion reminds us of the importance of Fury’s position in the grand scheme of things.

Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Samuel L. Jackson has talked in length about Nick Fury being deeply affected by the death of Tony Stark, along with generally being tired of the “good” fight. Secret Invasion could be his breaking point, but we won’t know that fully, as we only viewed the first two episodes.

The series brings back the deeper levels of espionage in movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and Black Widow (2021). We get to see Fury do what he does best: expose the scary nature of the inner secrets the world is hiding from the public.

The Multiverse deals with more cosmic threats, and Secret Invasion exists in a far more grounded space. Although the threat of the Skrull invasion is here, their tactics are not to blow everyone away with advanced technology.

Joining Jackson is a wealth of supporting characters that should excite many Marvel fans. Starting with the return of Ben Mendelsohn, who returns as Talos. He was initially introduced in Captain Marvel, and his acting prowess is welcomed again. Emilia Clarke also makes her MCU debut in Secret Invasion as G’iah. Though she is Talos’ daughter, she must pick which side she wants to support. MCU veterans Colbie Smulders as Maria Hill and Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross also return to connect new and old Marvel properties.

On the more extreme side of things is Kingsley Ben-Adir, who takes on the role of the radicalized Skrull, Gravik. He is a villain in every sense of the world and one we wouldn’t mind seeing appear in future MCU properties. There is also Olivia Coleman also making her MCU debut as Sonya Falsworth. Falsworth sort of represents what Nick Fury used to be, or quite possibly, an even more brutal version of the old Fury. Either way, she is fantastic.

We are unsure how Secret Invasion will tie into the bigger MCU, but we might see Carol Danvers appear at some point because the Skrulls appeared first in Captain Marvel (2019). However, this is just wild speculation, as the series might not want to bring in any of the Avengers—keeping its tone in a state of realism.

There is great action, huge reveals, and surprises ready to blow away new and veteran MCU fans. Secret Invasion is worth the watch, and it’s good to see Marvel returning to a more heavy and dark storyline. We would argue that the Avengers-level threat has been missing from the MCU, and it is finally back in a big way.

Most MCU movies have existed to showcase a team or individuals ready to take on a solitary villain, but Secret Invasion reminds us of the looming threat to humanity as we know it—well, life for those living in the MCU.

Gravik setting off a bomb in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ on June 16, which corresponding episodes released every Wednesday.

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