Disney Removing Sword in Stone Experience From Park

in Hong Kong Disneyland

Sword and The Stone in Disneyland on the right and surprised Mickey Mouse on the left

Credit: Inside the Magic

We’ve received some shocking Disney Park news, with Disney removing its iconic sword in stone Park feature.

sword in the stone
Credit: Disney

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Every year, millions of Guests pour into the Disney Parks and Resorts, seeking fun and magical memories that will last a lifetime. From exhilarating attractions like Space Mountain to heartwarming character meet and greets, there’s a reason the Disney Parks are so cherished.

However, one of the rarest and most magical experiences Guests can have at the Parks involves a very, very heavy sword in a very, very hard stone.

sword and the stone disneyland
Credit: Disney

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It’s every Guest dream to pull the sword from the stone at the center of Fantasyland, but few are “worthy” enough to actually be successful. We see hundreds of Guests attempt to pull it out at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland to no avail.

Some lucky Guests eventually do pull it out, but this is an ultra-rare experience.

Unfortunately, we just discovered some heartbreaking news for international Guests. According to Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassador Tony Dick, the version of the sword in the stone display will be removed from the Park entirely:

As mentioned by HKDL Ambassador Tony Dick on Instagram, the Sword in the Stone will disappear. The new “Dream Makers” Statue will be coming to HKDL in October this year, as suggested by the concept render, the Statue will be at the current location of the “Sword in the Stone”.

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A new “Dream Makers” statue will be replacing this iconic Disney Park feature sometime in the near future, similar to the statue we see at EPCOT in Walt Disney World. This shocking news was revealed on Dick’s Instagram account earlier today.

We are unsure of how long this experience will last at the Resort, but we can assume it won’t be there for much longer.

We have to say we’re incredibly disappointed to hear the news of Disney removing this iconic theme park experience from the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Are you surprised by this news? Have you ever pulled the sword out of the stone?

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