Disney Theme Park Maintenance Leaves Guests Disappointed

in Tokyo Disneyland


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Guests were stunned as trash began overflowing at the Disney Parks. Check it out here at Inside the Magic!

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Credit: Inside The Magic / Tokyo Disneyland

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The biggest draw to the Disney theme parks is, no doubt, all of the incredible rides and attractions. From Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean to Expedition Everest and “it’s a small world,” there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Disney.

Over the years, Disney has built upon its impressive collection of theme park attractions, with the newest experiences like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Avatar – Flight of Passage at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, being some of the most ambitious and immersive rides in theme park history.

However, Disney is also famous for its service and cleanliness.

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Whether you’re visiting Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World or Disney California Adventure at Disneyland, you can bet your Mickey Ears that the Parks will be filled with helpful Cast Members and not be filled with trash.

This is not to say that most theme parks are incredibly dirty or filled with mean, unhelpful employees, but Disney goes above and beyond in terms of its atmosphere inside the Parks.

Unfortunately, not even Disney can guarantee there won’t be problems from time to time. In the past, we have seen issues arise when it comes to trash and debris at Disney, especially in the queues for certain rides and attractions.

Recently, a photo went viral on Twitter showing an overflowing trash can at Tokyo Disneyland:


Users responded with their takes on the situation. “Huh, isn’t the cast-to-guest ratio perfect? I’m worried about what I’ve valued so far and Disney’s future…” said one user.

Cleanliness was something of high importance to Walt Disney himself, with the Disney Parks implementing trash cans approximately every 30 feet to ensure Guests never littered. You may also notice that you cannot buy gum on Disney property, yet another rule instilled to ensure Walt’s vision of creating a clean theme park is upheld. 

We are sure this issue was eventually taken care of by Disney Cast Members. Guests are always encouraged to put their trash away in the proper place, as it helps keep the Parks clean and enjoyable for future Guests.

Have you ever witnessed an overflowing trash can at the Disney Parks?

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