Guest Reports Disney Was “Full of Trash”, Others Find Diapers, Broken Glass

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trash cans at tomorrowland in disneyland

Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community

When visiting Disneyland or any of the other Disney Parks and Resorts across the world, Guests have come to expect a world-class experience. From amazing attractions and rides to out-of-this-world food. the Disney experience has been hyped up for decades now.

Unfortunately, part of this experience hinges on other Guests acting accordingly, which they do not always do.

downtown disney at the disneyland resort
Credit: Disney

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One big issue for Guests lately has been trash. In a post shared online, one Guest called out other Guests who leave trash on tables and floors at Disney. The post reads:

Park pro tip: if you have trash and are able to carry it to a trash can, congratulations you’re doing the bare minimum. In other words: please don’t leave rubbish on the walkways and gardens

Guests wearing face masks at disneyland resort
Credit: Disney

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In the comments, some users were either confused or shocked by the behavior of other Guests. One user said, “Disneyland Resort deliberately makes sure you’re never more than 30 feet from a trash can. I don’t understand why people can’t walk to the nearest can and throw their junk out.”

Another said, “The Haunted mansions moving sidewalk at night was full of people’s trash last week. I actually picked it all up on my way out. In the trash, I found someone’s class ring! I gave it to the cm too.” Another user stated a sad truth, “As someone who worked a lot of retail and customer service related jobs, I can safely say that a lot of people would rather just leave their mess for someone else to clean it up. It’s like being out in public triggers the ‘lazy’ part of their brain.”

One user said, “I was in the America kitchen at Epcot and saw a table that had been left completely covered in trash. There was a trash can literally an arms reach from it.”

This is unfortunately not the first time trash has been an issue at the Disney Parks as you can more photos we have written about:

trash disney world
Credit: Anonymous User
rise of the resistance trash
Credit: ITM

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One shocking comment involved a Guest tossing broken glass into a plantar after breaking it, “Tell me about it. I once caught a guest who broke some glass and then proceeded to toss the shards of glass into the planter next to them instead of taking it to the trash can that was literally only 10 feet away from them. File this under “A Limitless Number of Reasons Why Guests are the Absolute Worst.”

In another post with a similar topic to this one, Guests discuss the weirdest thing they have found while waiting in line for Disney attractions. One user said they found a visa card left in the queue of Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. Another said they found a diaper in the exact same place.

Mickey and Friends
Credit: Disney

Guests are always encouraged to put their trash away in the proper place, as it helps keep the Parks clean and enjoyable for future Guests. For more on Disneyland’s rules, click here.

At Disneyland, there is so much for Guests to enjoy! Now that the mask mandate has dropped for fully vaccinated Guests, Guests can enter buildings without a face covering if they so choose. Walking up to Sleeping Beauty Castle is always a dream, especially when you get to go inside and relive the story of Aurora and Maleficent. Riding classics like “it’s a small world”, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, The Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Splash Mountain, and more will have you feeling the magic, and craving a churro! Toontown is currently gearing up for a massive change which will be revealed in 2023 with the reopening of the land, and the debut of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Plus, now at Disneyland, Guests can enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for some blue milk, or green milk, and ride Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run. Now, Guests can also enjoy Disneyland Forever and the Main Street Electrical Parade!

Have you noticed any trash at Disney?

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